The Most Important Fidentiax Features You Should Know


Fidentiax is buildup of different modules and features that work together to guarantee efficient and seamless operation of the system. Each system and feature is different and performs a different role. The most common of these features include the token holder relations feature, members’ auction, policy ledger, portfolio builder, marketplace, and custodian services.

Policy Ledger Feature

The policy ledger works by generating digital ledgers for policyholders.  It uses a distributed ledger to consolidate and manage all your insurance policies. It also aids in creating immutable policy records on Fidentiax’s blockchain platforms. The policy ledger feature is also responsible for conducting the majority of other blockchain-oriented transactions.

The Portfolio Builder Feature

This useful feature of the Fidentiax system allows insurance policy buyers to seamlessly customize and build their desired portfolio of varied tradeable insurance policies. It offers the most professional and efficient services way for buyers to easily source, validate, and transfer their policies whenever they feel like it.

The Token Holder Relations Feature

In this feature, you will get a database of multiple tokenized policies. The policies you can find here include but are not limited to annuity, whole life, key-man, universal, and investment-linked policies. If you are a buyer, you can easily browse and buy the best insurance policy based on your personal preferences and investment portfolio-building desires.

The Members Auction Feature

Fidentiax also offers an amazing auction feature tailored for interested investors. This feature allows members who want to invest in new policies to bid on a policy.  It works in an amazing way to help potential policy buyers easily and safely add policies to their investment portfolios. This helps them to diversify their investment and build their investment portfolio with minimal effort.

A Safe Marketplace For Trading Policies

Fidentiax’s marketplace is designed such that policyholders can list the policies they are selling and buyers get instant access to listed policies. It also allows potential policy buyers to easily browse and filter their searches to meet their desired criteria. In short, it provides a way for buyers to filter the listed policies based on the maturity yield, tenure, amount and much more. This clearly means that everyone who wants to trade in insurance policies is covered regardless of whether they are looking to buy or sell policies.

Custodian Services

This is an amazing feature offered by Fidentiax that targets policyholders who aren’t after selling their policies but looking for someone to take care of their policies until they mature up. Through this feature, you can find a policy custodian who is ready to take care of your insurance policy till it matures. For someone to take care of your insurance policy there must be an agreement though so inquire before you go ahead with such a decision.