Word Tips And Tricks That We All Need To Know


Word documents are an essential tool for any professional and student when producing a text To create, edit and correct different texts, Microsoft Word is one of the favorite programs of students and professionals. This tool is the most widely used in the world and is very useful when making a text that is comfortable to read, either in digital format or on paper, if you choose to print the document. However, this tool is much more than a simple processor and hides many useful secrets for its users.

Word is a program created by the Microsoft company and integrated into the Microsoft Office package that is used on all PCs. It is one of the most complete programs for word processing, conforming itself as an essential tool for carrying out professional tasks in various fields. Its most current version comes for two programs. Microsoft Word for Windows and Download Microsoft Word for Mac.

Microsoft Word uses the .doc  format that has become standard worldwide. Through it, you can transfer texts with and without format, in addition to embedded images. In the latest Word updates, this format changed to .docx, which is more advanced and allows you to compress the document further. Another of the available formats of this program is the RFT ( Rich Text Format ). Although its use of this format is less widespread, it serves to make compatible documents, since they can be migrated to different word processors.

Due to its nature and its functions, Word is one of the most used programs by students and professionals. If you want to know more about it to get the most out of it, we leave you with a series of tricks that will be useful to you.

  • Open several files: if you need to open several Word files simultaneously, use the “CTRL” and “A” keys to access the dialogue box that redirects you to the file search, so you do not have to use the toolbar.
  • Copy and paste settings: Word offers three basic options for copying and pasting texts, but they can be modified from the advanced options. It offers numerous options for copying and pasting text. Choose the one you use the most to simplify your work.
  • Select the entire document: to avoid having to go down with the cursor to the end of the text, you can select everything by pressing the “CTRL” and “E” keys at the same time.
  • Word count: if you have a limit of words to respect in a text, this tool can be very useful. You can count the words without having to go to the function box: if you go to the toolbar you can access them more quickly.
  • Change from uppercase to lowercase: you can change from uppercase to lowercase and vice versa by selecting the text you want to change and clicking on the icon Aa at the beginning of Office. There you will be offered several ways to change the format.
  • Move paragraphs: if you want to move a paragraph without affecting the layout of the text, you must go to the View menu and click on “Scheme”. This allows you to move whole paragraphs without affecting the format of the text in general.
  • Apply titles: if you want to apply the title format quickly, you can simultaneously apply “CTRL”, “Shift” and the number 1, 2 or 3, depending on the format you have chosen for the text.
  • Enter comment: this is a very useful tool if you want to add some information to the margin of the text. The quick way to insert a comment is to press “CTRL”, “ALT” and “A” taking the courses where we want the comment to appear.
  • Footnotes: to indicate a bibliography or data about the text, footnotes are essential. You can add one quickly by pressing the “ALT”, “CTRL” and “O” keys.