How To Write A Great Blog


Blogs are a terrific way to allow your readers to interact with you and your site, they also generate hits onto your business site, and so it is essential your blogs are the best they can be. This guide will help you nail that blog each and every time.

Know your audience

The style of blog should be determined by your intended audience. Know your customers before you commit to a funny blog, tech blog, or personal blog. When looking for blog content inspiration, reflect on your business and decide who would visit your site and why. For example, if you are a small local business, it is charming to include blogs about the local area, especially should your services depend on local resources.

Keep up to date with news and events

When something hits the headlines, people will be searching online to find out more, and you want your site to be the one where they get their information. Search trending news and articles, and use sites like for a variety of news and assorted articles about technological innovations. Always ensure your sources are reliable as you don’t want to be writing blogs with inaccurate or false information.

Be informative

Readers like to learn something new, be it about your business, yourself, or just some bit of knowledge about a current pop star or business mogul. By teaching your reader, you make your site interesting, and your blogs will be considered a worthwhile read, rather than an inconsequential part of your website.

Allow visitors to leave comments

Interaction is vital if you want readers to return to your site again and again, so include a comments section at the end of each blog. Finish a blog with an invitation for readers to leave their views on what you have written, or for them to comment with their own experiences. This gives a personal vibe to your blog and those who leave comments will likely want to return to that blog to read other comments and to see other people’s views on that topic. Comments can also provide inspiration for your next blogs, with audiences leaving vital clues about their interests and what topics they are likely to engage with. You should also consider commenting on the pages of fellow bloggers to receive traffic to your own blog.

Include great images

Blogs aren’t all about the content, and although it is imperative that your writing is informative and engaging, images play a vital role too. A striking image can draw a visitor to your blog and interest them in reading more.


Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is a valuable tool used to get your blog higher in search engine rankings. Using keywords and terms that your readers will be searching for will bring them to your page so make sure you use these in your blog. For more information about making your blog SEO-friendly, click here.

This is by no means a definitive list of how to create the perfect blog, but it is a fantastic starting point that you can refer to as your blogging skills grow.