6 Tips For Successfully Building Relationships Online


When running a business these days, it’s imperative that you’re online savvy. If not, you could be missing out on an opportunity to expand your territory and recruit new customers. However, building a digital tribe goes beyond a few social media posts and email blasts. It takes a great level of knowledge, creativity and effective communication skills. In addition, an essential component of learning to master the online world is relationship building. There are so many aspects and elements of digital marketing that will demand the skill, so learning how to do it is vital. On that note, below you’re going to find six tips for building relationships online that should help aid your digital marketing efforts.

Be Genuine

When trying to build any relationship, it is imperative that you’re as authentic as possible. People tend to connect to the human side of brands, so ensuring that, when carrying out all of your online communications, you’re as genuine as possible is key. It means that when trying to create meaningful relationships online, you should strive to participate online in a way that‘s true to your interests. Seeing as you’ll need to participate online to grow your following, when doing so, try to stick to topics that align with your professional interests and interact with others in the most natural way possible. By doing this, you should find that you’re better able to build genuine connections which may be the beginning of a long-term online relationship with partners or customers.

Share Valuable Information

Another key aspect of successfully building relationships online is to share valuable information. Most people are online browsing for a purpose whether it be to find entertainment, to be educated, or informed about specific things. For this reason, you need to think carefully about the variety of things you want to share and what the purpose of the content is. Some tips for sharing valuable information online include deciding what valuable content is to you as mentioned above, using key tools to find out what topics actually interest your audience, and of course, giving your brand a personality. The idea should be to tailor content that will impact your audience positively and make your brand memorable. It often takes practice and exploration, but you should find a recipe that works for you eventually.

Reach Out

The nature of the relationship you want to build online sometimes dictates the method that you should use. However, whether you want to build a fluid relationship with your customers so that they engage with your content regularly or build relationships with influencers, you’re going to have to reach out at some point in time. You can often do this by using calls to action when communicating with your audience or directly contacting key people or influencers you want to connect with. Ensure that you’re using the right mediums as well as appropriate language to the recipient when doing so. The primary objective should be to connect with them in a language that they understand and one that will generate a response.

Find Influencers

You may have noticed that influencers have been mentioned several times in this post and that’s because it’s presently an effective marketing trend that several brands are using to create awareness about their brand and capture new audiences. For this reason, when trying to build relationships online, you should endeavour to forge relationships with influencers in your sector or similar ones. Doing this could be useful when your brand has a campaign as they could help both promote and vouch for your brands and products. When you have an established relationship with them, you’re likely to work together in a way that’s mutually beneficial to both of you. Some tips for building relationships with influencers include having a genuine interest in their work and then reaching out in a personal and natural way. It could mean sending a message via social media or getting their contact details to call instead. If they’re in a different country, note that you can call anywhere online via Viber so perhaps try this alternative.


There is so much noise online that,in order to cut through it, personalization is needed. It is one of the most effective ways to call the attention of the people that you’re trying to reach and make them feel valued. For this reason, try and find ways to personalize messages when sharing them with your audience whether it be via social media, emails or SMS. Some tips for personalizing your messages include using tools that can help with automation, deciding on the type of personalization that you want to do, taking an account-based approach, and knowing your personas as well as speaking their language. It is also important to note for balance’s sake, that as important as personalization may be, it’s key that you don’t lose focus of your company’s core message which should be able to connect with your entire audience as opposed to a fragment of them.

Be Consistent

As with any relationship, if you want to build strong and lasting ones, it’s key that you’re consistent. It means that your message should always tie into your brand identity and reflect who you are as well as what you represent. In addition to this, some other ways that you can be consistent include replying to messages on time, replying to comments and being available as frequently as possible. In the digital world, sometimes out of sight is out of mind, so try your best to be present and share valuable information as mentioned above so that your presence is felt.

You should never underestimate the importance of building strong relationships online. For one, doing so has the potential to do wonders for your business and make your marketing efforts a lot easier. As with any form of networking whether online or offline, connecting with the right people ensures the possibilities, as well as things you can achieve as a business, are endless. By applying some of the tips mentioned above, hopefully, you’ll become an online guru in no time.