Why This E-Commerce Chooses High Index Lenses Partnership


The Perks of Working at an E-Commerce

How it’s like to work for an ecommerce company, you ask? Seeing as brick-and-mortar are practically taking a turn for the bad, most Millennials are working for e-commerce channels. Depending on the team and location of your work, it can get lonely at times if you’re simply staring at a computer day in and day-out. That’s where taking brain breaks is important to ensure the maximum productivity of your work.

It’s all About Taking Brain Breaks

It’s the e-commerce startups that get the most innovative when it comes to ensuring employee health. Some will offer a healthy breakfast and lunch bar, coffee and tea on the house and fun activities to take part in during lunch. From ping-pong tournaments to picnics outdoors, there are all sorts of ways that companies are trying to retain the best talent. Another method that they use is to provide eyewear free of charge to all those who need it. Whether someone prefers to wear contact lenses or opts for high-index lenses, they will provide benefits so that they don’t need to worry about taking that amount out of their bi-weekly salary.

HR has a Reason for Every Partnership

As we know, eyewear can get very expensive, especially if it’s the designer type. Although many startups or mid-sized companies will only give a certain allocation of funds for eye healthcare, which also goes into part for expenditures on eye exams, they will create partnerships with other e-commerce platforms. For instance, one anonymous New York tech startup has built a long-standing partnership with Payne Glasses to sell their blue-blocking technology within their lucrative high-index lens sunglasses and eyeglasses. The reason being is that this company specifically reduces eye strain for employees, therefore ensuring that they will sleep better during the night and be refreshed and ready for a full day of work. There are Human Resources explanations for every partnership that the company makes for the better of employee culture.