How To Keep Customers Comfortable At Open Air Festivals

Air Festivals

Glastonbury and Leeds Festival attract tens of thousands of music lovers every single year. Festival organisers should think about the comfort and safety of guests before anything else.

Since most people camp during these festivals, they do not have access to buildings with toilets such as guesthouses and hotels.

Toilets that are user-friendly allow people to relieve themselves in between watching bands. The toilets need to keep people comfortable.

These Toilets Need To Have A Solid Base

People are in high spirits at festivals. It is common for revellers to try and tip over portable toilets. Obviously, this isn’t something that anyone inside the toilet wants to experience. Check that the toilets have a solid base when an inspection prior to toilet unit hire in Yorkshire is taking place.

Toilets Need To Keep The Elements At Bay

The elements need to be kept at bay. Even when it is lashing with rain and blowing a gale outside, the roof of the toilet makes sure that the inside of the cubicle is completely dry. Choose a toilet that has a strong roof.

The Cubicles Should Be Able To Withstand Damage

Revellers will sometimes try and commit acts of vandalism on the toilets, such as spray painting or trying to take the doors off. A solid toilet will not have a scratch on it despite the attention of these vandals. The person organising the festival has to check that the toilets are robust enough to withstand damage before they are hired.

Toilets Have To Deal With Different Types Of Waste

Toilets need to deal with different types of waste efficiently. Check the pipes and the sanitary tank. Make it easy for people to reach the toilets by placing them close enough to the tents that nobody has to walk miles in order to relieve themselves.

After The Festival Has Been Completed

After the festival has been completed, it is time for all of the revellers to go home. The organiser of the festival may be dreading the prospect of having to clean all of the toilets. However, this emptying process can be handled by the firm that supplied the toilets in the first place.

Once emptied, the toilets will be loaded onto the back of trucks in order to be taken away.

Doing The Same Next Year

Searching for a new toilet provider is time-consuming. Whenever the festival is held, the same company will be able to deliver and collect the toilets.

Inspect The Toilets

Inspect the toilets to see how durable and spacious they are. Instead of individual toilets, hire whole rows of them in the interests of convenience.

Good Toilets Help A Festival To Run Smoothly

In terms of logistics, good toilets help a festival to run smoothly. They need to be robust, and hygienic and they will need to deal with large amounts of different waste – especially when tens of thousands of people are attending an internationally famous festival such as Glastonbury.