Seven Benefits Of Choosing The Shopify Plus Platform For Ecommerce

Plus Platform

As online shopping becomes the preferred choice for consumers, many e-stores open their virtual doors each day. The right e-platform and marketing strategies are cornerstones for success. The Shopify Plus platform is robust with the flexibility to support ongoing growth. Discover seven reasons to choose Shopify Plus for e-commerce, making it the top choice for numerous successful e-stores.

One Size May Not Fit All 

Shopify Plus was born out of Shopify and launched in 2014 to give high-growth merchants a customizable solution. Each e-commerce store is unique, and its platform should be, too. Shopify Plus offers the perfect level of customization for businesses with a high traffic volume and a large number of customers. Leading companies using the Shopify Plus platform include MVMT, Kylie Cosmetics, Nestle, and Rebecca Minkoff.

Simplify the Payment Process 

One of the most significant concerns for online stores is an easy and secure payment process. The Shopify Plus platform provides access to more than 100 payment gateways, including Shopify Pay’s one-screen checkout along with social, and mobile options. Multiple currencies are accepted to make international commerce a breeze. A simple, secure payment process helps build trust and transform visitors into paying customers.

Handle Heavy Traffic 

When a merchant grows faster than its e-commerce platform, it compromises the user experience, and potential clients may surf away to a competing site. Shopify Plus was designed to handle the heavy traffic that comes with ongoing growth. Merchants can expand their offerings and client base without frustrating interruptions and hassles. The platform is flexible, secure, and scalable to ensure merchants and customers can connect.

Tools for Merchant Success 

Access to the right tools helps merchants achieve or exceed their growth expectations. The Shopify Plus Merchant Success program gives merchants access to tips, tools, resources, and expertise to help them achieve their business goals. When merchants join the Shopify Plus community, they also get access to award-winning partners and engineers to support their efforts further. Merchants have the essential resources to effectively execute their e-commerce vision including the Shopify Academy, Facebook community, and local meetups and invitation-only events.

Increase Sales With Personalized Offers 

One of the best ways to reach out to customers and get them to take action is by offering a personalized touch. With Shopify Plus, merchants can tag customers for customized offers and discounts to help increase sales. Automated carts update prices dynamically to encourage customers to make a purchase now. Plus, marketing campaigns can be automated to drive sales further. Reaching out to customers in a personal way builds relationships and helps increase sales.

The Exposure of Multi-Channel Ecommerce 

Merchants need to go where their customers search for products and updates. With multi-channel e-commerce opportunities, merchants can launch and optimize sales channels across marketplaces, including mobile, social, and real-life. More sales channels mean merchants enjoy increased exposure to more clients. The Shopify Plus platform provides access to over 20 leading channels including Amazon, Facebook, eBay, Kik, and more. The Shopify Plus Wholesale channel makes it easy to expand business operations by creating a storefront to sell B2B.

The Freedom of Automated Workflows 

Reduce manual tasks and give everyone the freedom to focus on business development with automated workflows that save time and effort. Eliminate all the clicks associated with inventory management, tracking, and rewarding customers, and segmenting customers based on buying behaviour. The Shopify Flow automated e-commerce platform also standardizes product organization and merchandising and automatically cancels high-risk orders or prompts a review.

These are just seven of the many benefits of selecting the Shopify Plus platform for e-commerce. Merchants are achieving greater success with less effort by using a flexible, scalable platform that supports ongoing growth.