Using Social Media For Lead Generation

Social Media

Los Angeles online reputation management has been a service more people are searching for on Google. This is due to the trend where people are turning to the search engine to look for solutions to their problems. Therefore, you would want people to have a good first impression when they search for you online.

It is no secret that looking for new clients costs much more than keeping an existing one. However, there are steps to take to be able to nurture leads on social media as part of a multi-channel strategy. The employees in charge of finding new prospects have to know how important it is to use many touch points for engagement to move from one state of the buying journey to the next. One can check their social media account performance by using sources like Instagram Analyzer to check their Instagram engagements.

Email marketing has been the main focus for leads within most B2B organizations, companies can no longer just send emails as the only source for acquiring their leads. The average email blast open rate is around 20%, in addition about 79% of marketing leads don’t convert to sales. That is why it is important to diversify your options.

Social media is another great way to reach out to leads. A great example of how you can use this to your advantage is identifying leads who have not visited your site in the last 2 weeks or who have not opened your email in the last 30 days. But in this group of people, they have mentioned relevant keywords related to your product space in their tweets in a certain time period.

An option is to reach out to those people and send them a resource to keep lines of communication open. There are other great uses with social media such as to increase return on investment on your events.

Large portions of B2B companies are investing some amount of money into events like tradeshows or conferences to get face-to-face time with prospects. The best prospects are obviously the ones who engage with staff since talking about a problem and offering a solution brings prospects further down the pipeline.

You can actually use social to create more of these kinds of conversations. At events, they usually have their own Twitter handle as well as other social media pages. This gives you a great opportunity to follow the hashtag and engage with attendees by asking them to stop by your booth for a conversation.