How To Choose Stocks To Stay Invested For A Long Time


Ask any stock market expert; you will know the importance of keeping quality stocks for a long time. It strengthens your portfolio and creates a balance of stocks that grow at a steady rate. However, there are both quantitative and qualitative factors that define the growth rate of stocks in the long run.

When you are looking at a list of companies in NSEthink about the following factors:

  1. Evaluate the management efficiency of companies

Management efficiency of a company creates trust and informs about the competitive nature of their workflow. Strong companies never have to raise capital again and again. And the companies that do raise capital don’t usually have management efficiency to generate enough cash flow to improve their business.

A company needs to show high earnings along with high profits. Otherwise, distributed profits mean nothing, as that company will have to borrow more funds in future. Along with that, it is necessary to keep an eye on the salaries distributed to higher designations. Any abnormality in terms of previous salaries and profit percentage requires immediate attention.

  1. Potential risks of a particular business

Any business works around the concept of demand and supply. It is important that consumers keep on requiring a certain solution that a company is offering. If demand changes in future, then that company can lose market ownership. This is the business risk that you should think about when selecting long-term stocks. Evaluate how a particular market is changing and what future it holds. Also, assess companies in terms of their future planning to tackle the changing demands of consumers. A business that is ready for the next 10 years is the one you need to invest in.

  1. Study financials’ quality

Some businesses show profits and revenue growth by reducing staff, diminishing advertising, and other costs. Meanwhile, sales stay limited and company heads towards a major downfall.

To save yourself from such companies, you should regularly study the quality of cash flow and profits. It is critically important that a company aligns required working capital with cash flows. The same goes for dividends and capex. However, you can feel satisfied even if a business meets two of the provided three factors.

  1. Look into reinvestment strategies

It is standard for any business to earn and let those earnings work furthermore by investing in different parts of the same company. This is called reinvestment and allows companies to generate higher returns. However, such strategies are easier said than done. A long-term strategy is required, so that a business can conveniently deploy and create high-quality returns. An investor should evaluate past reinvestment success rates before choosing a company for a long run. More importantly, an investor should check the performance of reinvestment when the market wasn’t performing very fine. This will make high-quality companies visible to you.

There are long-term investment opportunities all around you. However, they are all hidden. But now you can incorporate mentioned steps and create a strong NSE stock investment portfolio for yourself.