Stockbrokers In India- Things You Need To Know


If you go on listing the top 10 stock brokers in India, it will record such names which are the real game changers in the Indian Stock market. Actually, the Indian stock market is a fragmented space where numerous brokerage firms are there to offer updated services. Without stockbrokers or brokerage firms, you can’t find the right ways in the stock market. Now, there are different types of stockbrokers- the full-service brokers and the discount brokers. Apart from them, there are also online brokers who never interfere in your trading business unless you are in some trouble. Today, you will know certain things about the stock market in India. Read on to know more-

Essentials to Decide the Best Stockbrokers

There are stockbrokers, like Zerodha, Sharekhan, etc. which are one of the top stock brokerage firms in India. How can it be decided which are the leading stockbrokers in the market? Here are the metrics based on which the share trading companies take their place in the market-

  • Brokerage/commission
  • The range of trading products
  • Market tips and research reports
  • Company legacy
  • Customer base
  • Exposure
  • Trading platforms
  • PAN India’s offline presence
  • Customer service

Based on these issues, there are stockbrokers, like Angel Broking, India Infoline, etc. are the leading share market trading companies in India.

Are You a Trader or an Investor?

Detail knowledge of this can help you to know the basic fundamentals of trading. While you enter into the share trading market with the hope that you will make a profit instantly, maybe within a few hours or a day, then you are a trader. In this way, you can make several numbers of transactions throughout the day on a regular basis. On the other hand, if you are investing a certain amount of money in the market on certain trusted stocks and then hold it for longer periods, like for 6 months, a year, 10 years, etc. then you are an investor.

Essential Things That Traders and Investors Look for in a Stockbroker

If you have decided to invest or trade in the share market, you will need to choose your potential broker who can help you move on the right path of the stock market. What are the essentials you need to know to find the right broker for you? Read on to know more-

  • Reasonable brokerage charges
  • Integrated trading and bank account
  • High-performance trading platform
  • An array of trading and investment products
  • Decent customer service
  • Low or no account opening and maintenance charges
  • Wide offline presence through franchise network and sub-broker
  • High exposure or leverage across trading segments
  • Multiple trading and investment products
  • Low or no hassles during a fund transfer
  • Perfect market tips along with proper recommendations
  • Investment education and initiatives on trading

So, here you get to know details about stock markets in India. If you have decided to trade or invest, just pick the right stock broker and set on.