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There are lots of different forms of marketing open to companies these days. For example, many enterprises make the most of web-based advertising such as social media and email campaigns. However, more traditional forms of promotion still remain popular, including leaflets.

To help them showcase these items in style, firms can take advantage of leaflet display stands. Using these stands is much more effective than simply piling leaflets up on tables or other surfaces. When organisations go to the effort of producing attractive leaflets, it seems a shame for them to fall at the final hurdle when it comes to showing them off.

Luckily for managers, it is now straightforward to buy superb quality leaflet holders. By perusing their options online, bosses should be able to find exactly what they are after in no time, and they do not have to break the bank in order to get their hands on the products. As long as they know where to look, they can benefit from impressive value for money.

If the latest IPA Bellwether survey is accurate, demand for leaflet and brochure stands may be high at present among UK firms.

The report revealed that a net balance of 12.3 per cent of companies registered an increase in their marketing budgets during the third quarter of this year. This was up from the 7.3 per cent recorded during the second quarter and it was the fourth consecutive reading above zero.

Respondents cited improved economic conditions and business revenues as the cause of their increased investment in advertising.

Commenting on the findings, IPA director general Paul Bainsfair said: “This latest Bellwether report will provide a welcome boost to our industry, building on last quarter’s results. It indicates that companies are beginning to move forward away from the recession and that the UK economy is on the rise again. This optimism will send a continued upbeat message to the advertising industry and the wider economy”.

Meanwhile, Chris Williamson, chief economist at Markit and author of the Bellwether report, added: “The Bellwether survey adds to the growing flow of upbeat data on the UK economy. Marketing spend looks set to rise sharply as companies boost their budgets to an extent not seen in the 13-year history of the survey.”

According to the expert, the increased appetite to spend on marketing is being fuelled by a “surge in business optimism”. He went on to suggest that the survey findings are not only good news for the marketing industry, but also for the broader economic recovery.

In conclusion, Mr Williamson said: “The fact that business are starting to spend in earnest again suggests we may finally see a long awaited upturn in investment spending, which will help take the UK’s recovery onto a more sustainable footing.”

Even though firms are raising their investment in marketing, they are no doubt keen to benefit from great value for money. By being savvy and sourcing provisions such as leaflet holders from the right providers, they can keep their spending down.

About the Author – Anna Longdin is a freelance blogger who has written extensively on the subject marketing for a number of sites, including Display Developments.

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