Why People Love These Insulated Cooler Bags?

Cooler Bags

The insulted cooler bags that you can get in the market has become a favorite item not only for all school kids but also for office goers, people who are working in their manufacturing industries and workshops.

You can easily use these custom cooler bags irrespective of whether it is a hot climate or a chilling cold season. Also, if you are living in any tropical areas, these insulated bags are quite effective in keeping your food warm and tasty as well.

Do you want it cool?

Surely in the warmer countries during hot summer, often you will prefer to have certain cold drinks to quench your thirst. Your normal water bottle will not be in a position to keep your ice cube intact during such climate.

So, if you are planning for any outing then you can store them in these insulated cooler bags just before you depart. You can surely keep them in the same condition for few hours and consume them as and when needed by you.

It has been found that if you can pack more amounts of ice within these insulated bags, then your ice will not melt for much longer time. However, if you prefer to keep smaller amount of ice in smaller size then they will tend to melt faster.  

Therefore, while packing your ice within such bags, make sure that you must pack sufficient quantity of ice, so that they can retain for much longer period.

Store water in balloon

Another trick that you can use while storing ice in these cooler bags is that you must try to fill a few balloons with water and store them in the freezer in order to form ice out of it. Finally, you will get balloons packed with ice. 

You need to plan it well ahead, so that your ice pack with balloon is ready for you to carry. Another option that you have got is by using few bottles of water and then freezes them in your refrigerator. 

Try to keep your bag under shade

If you are travelling outside or going for a picnic carrying these insulated cooler bags, then while storing your ice and other cold items, it will be good to store it in the shade.

If these bags are too much exposed to direct sun then the chances are that ice may not remain frozen for a much longer period.

You can also wrap these bags by using towel, sleeping bag or even a blanket so that it will not be directly exposed to sunlight.

You can wrap your food too

Also, in order to keep your food either hot or cold, it will be a good idea to wrap your food items within a newspaper before you pack them inside these insulated bags. 

The newspaper too will act as another level of insulator and will protect from heat or moisture in the atmosphere. 

People who love to take different beverages during summer climate will love to use these insulated bags and you can easily carry them for any outdoor party.