Five Ways To Use Video In Your Marketing Strategy

Video is an extremely popular tool when developing a successful marketing strategy, yet many business owners and entrepreneurs avoid video marketing because they don’t understand the benefits or don’t like being on camera.

If you’re camera shy or don’t think of yourself as a technical genius, using video for your marketing strategy may be a new idea. The good news is that you don’t have to look great on camera, be a rockstar presenter, or even understand the technology to take advantage of video in your marketing strategy.

A creative video marketing agency can help you plan your story, showcase your brand, and boost interest in your products and services.

Let’s look at five ways you can use video to build interest in what your company offers and how a video marketing agency can help.

Share Your Brand Story In Video

Use short videos to share your brand’s story. Research shows that genuine stories can be personal, edgy, and down-to-earth. One of the most important things to do is to use your unique story to speak directly to your audience’s top concerns.

As you’re planning your story, keep videos short and passionate. Steer clear of being overly pushy or sales-y. Provide enough information to be recognized as an authority while being empathetic to the problems your audience is facing.

According to Entrepreneur, businesses publish an average of 18 videos per month. If you’re not a professional storyteller, don’t worry. A video marketing agency employs experienced storytellers who can help you build a storyboard, a blueprint for planning what to say most effectively.

Educate And Build Trust With Video

According to HubSpot research, 31.3 percent of users want to see how-to videos, and another 29.8 percent want to see educational videos. This is standard for just about every industry. Since so many people want to learn with videos, the big question is, how can you use this to build interest in your brand?

Consider common questions prospects and customers have about your products, services, and solutions. Look for ways to educate, excite, and provide value for prospects and loyal buyers. Educational videos can include longer sessions, such as webinars or weekly lunchtime lessons.

Take a look at ways to help your target audience save money, save time, simplify complex issues, and get more done using the product or service you offer. Focus on jam-packed how-to videos loaded with practical insights, applications of your services or products, and step-by-step solutions.

Videos Help To Visualize Rewards

Videos help people to understand the benefits and visualize the rewards of using a product or service. A video can convey emotion in ways that extend far beyond a written product description.

Consider each of your products and services. Explore the true benefits and rewards. Think about the stories your satisfied customers tell and why your customers value using what you offer.

This can give you the raw material you need to start. Professionals at a video marketing agency can help you develop compelling stories. Think about specific stories that highlight the reasons why your customers rely on your products and services.

While visualizing rewards, it’s a lot easier to:

  • Develop video shorts with customer stories
  • Show customers saving time and money
  • Show rough footage of real-time customer delight
  • Share in-depth demos of products
  • Create realistic stories to match your target audience

HubSpot’s research showed that about 88 percent of marketers said they experienced a positive return on investment.

Videos Expand Delight

After customers make a purchase, there are many opportunities to use video to expand the experience of delight. Happy customers enjoy sharing the good news and positive impact of their purchases or use of services.

Some of the ways a video marketing agency can help your company build and grow your customer base through video include:

  • Thank you video welcoming new members to the community
  • Onboarding video to simplify how to use products
  • Product training videos on ways to expand applications
  • Self-service how-to videos for using products without a manual

Share New Developments With Video

Do you have a conference, fundraiser, or other event coming up? Are you launching a new product, providing enhanced services, or offering special programs?

If so, video can be a great way to spread the news.

Consider using videos to:

  • Share the background story for an event
  • Emphasize benefits in a press release
  • Share engaging news through expert interviews
  • Offer front-row access to celebrities and thought leaders
  • Engage customers with presentations from a conference
  • Explainer videos to understand the positive impact of new products/services
  • Animated videos to simplify complex topics

5 Best Practices For A Successful Video Strategy With Social Media

According to Entrepreneur, video posts on LinkedIn get three times more engagement than other types of content. Consider these 5 tips to make engaging videos for social media:

Keep It Short

There’s a lot of discussion in marketing firms about the best length for social media videos. The bottom line is that short is best.

Attention spans are short on social media. The most popular videos vary in length between 30 seconds and 60 seconds. One trick to help with longer videos is to split them into bite-size chunks.

Show Raw And Real Footage

People want to see genuine and real-to-life content. This is exciting because it means you can use rough footage to share your brand story.

Get To The Point

Make your point clearly, and do it in the first 8 to 10 seconds. You’re competing for attention—so be straight and do it quickly.

Grab Attention

Use your creativity to create video titles that grab attention. Get viewers to watch your video, engage with content, share with colleagues, and become brand advocates.

Use Data To See What Works Best

Most platforms provide analytics to help you understand what works best. Use the data to experiment, play, and refine the content, title, length, and story.

Explore Video For Your Marketing Strategy

Find a video marketing agency that is passionate about video storytelling. If you’re thinking about using video for your business, give InnoVision a call today. They look forward to helping you plan your story, share your story, and use video to showcase your brand.