Five Types Of Packaging Materials Your Products Could Need


According to business experts, a lot of newly launched products end up left alone on supermarket shelves because of poor packaging. This alone tells how impactful the first impression of the consumers is when it comes to choosing a product, then comes along with other factors like brand reputation, brand name, and so on. 

With that being said, you should put a lot of effort into making your products look good and presentable at supermarket shelves so that people can easily notice it because of how you poured in a lot of work to their packaging. 

If you are not too familiar with product packaging materials, you can keep on reading this post that will show you the most common and most effective ways to provide your products good packaging or you can check out the best company for product packaging Australia has. 

  1. Plastic packaging– In general, plastic is the most used material in making packaging for a wide range of products because it is low cost and very light in weight. It can easily be manufactured in a variety of sizes and shapes that allow your business to create more convenient and more presentable packaging for your products. Usually, food products and cosmetics are highly dependable on plastic packaging because it is hygienic and completely secures it.
  2. Boxes– Cardboard boxes are also very common packaging material used in a wide array of products since the 1800s where it was used for packaging. Cardboard boxes are also very cheap to make and very easy to use compared to the traditional wooden crates and pallets that were used previously. Nowadays, boxes are made out of fiberboard that is corrugated to provide more durability and stability without compromising its weight and thickness. To provide more protection, double-walled boxes are also available for packaging.
  3. Plastic Bubble Wrap– Bubble wrap is a very popular way to entertain yourself while for some it is one way to control their fidgeting habits, however, bubble wrap is very effective in securing and keeping fragile products secured and safe from getting broken. A lot of people may have enjoyed popping the air inside these bubble wraps, however, it plays a huge role in keeping a product secure because of its efficient cushioning.
  4. Shrinkwrap– this kind of material is used in commercial products to provide tamper-protection like compact disks (CDs) and DVDs. This can provide tamper protection after the item is completely wrapped, the heat is then applied to create the wrap shrink to make it fit completely. Because it makes a very tight seal, it prevents moisture from entering the product, thus, it is also highly used in perishable products like meats and fruits.
  5. Paper packaging– Papers are also very good and very effective in product packaging. Usually, paper are used to create paper bags, paper boxes, and paper wraps for various products in the market. Just like bubble wrap, it is also used to secure fragile products because of its added cushioning that is cheaper than the former.