How To Apply For Oil And Gas Jobs In Thailand


The oil and gas sector is booming in Southeast Asian countries, particularly Thailand. For many engineers and people who are interested in entering the oil and gas sector and making a career there, now is the ideal time to start applying. There are plenty of jobs available in the sector, ranging from engineering jobs to administration, HR, and other departments. However, many people come off as quite disappointed if they are unable to secure their dream jobs. But, have you ever thought that you might be making some obvious mistakes in your application for which it’s being rejected? If you want to apply for jobs in the oil and gas sector in Thailand, here are a few tips that will help you.

Check Different Job Hunting Sites

The ideal way to start applying is to first check out eligible job openings. You can check numerous job-hunting sites and then explore your options accordingly. There are several job sites that only focus on oil and gas jobs in Thailand, so you might want to look into those. This is a great idea for people who don’t know exactly where to begin and are wondering which companies to apply to. Many companies are now bypassing the conventional recruiting process and opting for private recruiters who can help them with finding the right candidate for the job. Therefore, you need to be active online and continue applying as consistently as you can. Before you know it, you might receive a few calls and an invitation to interview!

Be Truthful

The worst mistake that you can make when applying for a job in any field is to lie on your application. It could cause serious problems in your future career, and you might end up losing your job if the employers find out that you fabricated your application. You need to be as truthful as you can be and highlight your strong points in a concise, yet understandable manner. If you feel that you have done something important in your previous job, it’s recommended that you write it down on your CV.

Don’t Write Long Cover Letters

A cover letter is simply a brief expression of why you might be interested in the job and what you bring to the table. It’s designed to let the reader know about your level of interest and the passion that you have for pursuing a career in this industry. Unfortunately, most people take it in a very different manner, opting to write long paragraphs about their past achievements and making tall promises that both parties know they won’t be able to live up to. Again, that’s a bad idea. Instead, the ideal thing that you can do is to make sure that you don’t write lengthy paragraphs. Write in a concise and understandable manner so that the recruiter understands what you are saying without spending too much time on your application.