5 Services For Business Process Management And Digital Transformation Of Business

Digital Transformation

Efficiency of business depends on how fast is information reception, how fast is reaction on external factors and how good can company keep up with the dynamic conditions of the market. Digital transformation can maintain growth of efficiency of business activities and processes.

In this article, five progressive and user-friendly solutions for automation and business process management are presented:

1. bpm’online: A Unified Platform For Business Process Management

This is a CRM system allowing modeling and automating internal processes. The advantage of the software is that it is a unified smart platform for automation of main activities of a company.

More advantages of the software:

  • Through this software, users can operate pre-configured processes, based on the best business experiences in the world. Moreover, it can be easily customized for best suiting the conditions of user’s own business.
  • The technology of business process management allows creation, configuring and launching of common structured processes rapidly. The system allows reducing time for creating and bringing each process into operation due to the integration of the environments of process designing, implementation and monitoring.
  • The software uses Case Management technology to allow managing processes, whose objectives are only defined during implementation progress and depend upon different factors.

2.  Lexia: Automation Of processes In Legal Firm

A special solution for lawyers covers all kinds of processes from legal project management and billing to legal marketing and business development.

The advantages of the system:

  • The software stores full client database.
  • Knowledge base. The system stores all kinds of valuable information in open access.
  • The software can be integrated with postal services, telephony and Google accounts. In addition to the above, the application has the instruments for finance and communication management and analytics.

3.  Tessa: A system For Automation Of Workflow And Business Process Management

It is a flexible platform for solving the issues of automation of workflow and business processes.

The advantages of the system:

  • The system provides stable work even on low-speed data channels.
  • Multi-platform web client
  • Interactive user interface.

4.  T-Tour: Process Automation For Travel Agency

This system covers all kinds of objectives of a travel agency: from client attraction to selling tours.

The main features:

  • The system allows using SMS for mass notification of clients on any special offers.
  • It also has the instruments for finance management.
  • The platform forms full client profiles: in addition to contact information and messaging records, it also provides information about client’s interest in each tour, data on those with whom client went on tour and bonus cards.
  • Service and tour catalogue. The system allows keeping a record of offered tours and maintaining a list of services with detailed segmentation by different criteria.

5.  HRM: Process Management In HR department

The system is built only for HR departments. It automates processes related to offered positions and applicants.

The advantages of the system:

  • It stores full records of interfacing with applicants including list of all interactions.
  • Synchronization with job websites.
  • The system provides all statistical indicators of the department’s work and forms reports based on it.
  • Stores all information about personnel.
  • Automates full process of working with applicants.