Big Data and Database Support Trends You Can Expect In 2017

Big Data

Big strides have been made in the realm of big data in 2016. Now that 2017 has already begun, companies expect even more advances in both big data and analytics. So, what big data trends are on top for 2017 that big data project managers should be aware of? This post discusses the main big datas predictions for 2017.

Movement to the cloud

More and more companies are continuing to learn of the benefits of using the cloud in data management. As a result, one of the trends you can expect to see this year is more movement to the cloud. This is because more companies want to see a reduction on their overall expenditure in data centers and they also need more flexibility in terms of plugging into as well as out of solutions. These are the benefits they can expect from cloud services. With the cloud, you don’t need to be locked in for several years to on-premise equipment.

Another reason why companies will turn to cloud services is because of the difficulty experienced in finding requisite talent that is needed to run the in-house systems. These are some of the things that are forcing both big and small companies to turn to the cloud and cloud service providers. Database support is more reliable in the cloud since access to the right help is easier.  

Using more dark data

Information is power. This year, you can expect more companies to make use of information contained even in the most unconventional of sources. This started a while back when companies started to learn about the power of relying on big datas aggregation. In 2017, you can expect to see more companies turning to information contained in paper-based documents, videos, photos and other corporate assets that are lying in storage closets and vaults. The reason for this is because more data will help a company have a more comprehensive view of its historical performance as well as product cycles. This information can be very useful in planning. The data acquired from these sources can further be used to offer supporting evidence.  

More focus on data security

Hacking has become common in the world. This year, you can expect to see companies investing more in stronger administration of data security permissions. Companies will tighten up data security to make sure that each data user has the correct access permission. This might lead to creating and revising data access permission policies as well as implementing foolproof technology to monitor and detect any potential data exfiltration by the users.

Big data made easy

In 2017, you can count on significant progress towards data simplification. The goal is to make data straightforward so that it is easy for the users to understand. You can hence expect a reduced number of settings or profiles appearing across the board. Making it easy to understand the data makes the data more viable.

There is a lot more you can expect to see this year. You just need to keep your ear on the ground. Being left behind is the worst thing that can happen to your company.