The Paper Jam: How To Handle It

Paper Jam

In this age, there are many devices that are used by people in routine life. Among the computer peripherals, the printer is one of the important devices without which there are many tasks which may be left incomplete. To avoid this situation, the printer is used at offices as well as homes. There are many types of printers available in the open market. The leading printers are laserjet and inkjet. However, there are also dot matrix printers which are rarely found these days. At home, the majority, of people love to have either an inkjet or a laser printer only.

There are various factors that affect one’s decision to buy a printer. Nowadays there are also many printers from renowned brands which fall into the category of multiple printers. The printer may be of any size or type, but there are some common problems for printers which the users have to face. One such problem is the paper jam.

  • The factors: There are many factors that affect the printer and lead to stuck paper. The quality of the paper is an important aspect, and hence low-quality paper must be avoided. Moisture and dust are other known factors that affect the paper, and they can jam into the printer. One also needs to see that while going for printing the document there must not be many papers set in the tray and all the papers in the tray must be of the same size. Well, all these factors can help one to avoid the paper jam but what to do when paper gets stuck in the printer? Here are some points that can help the user. 
  • Check the papers: It is important to note here that the paper which is to be used for the printing purpose must be fresh and perfectly arranged. They must not be cramped from any side or corner as in such cases the probability of getting it stuck in the printer increases.
  • Check the printer: There are some areas of the printer that you need to check as they can be one of the reasons for paper being stuck inside the printer. As soon as it comes to knowledge, you must switch off the printer and see inside if the jammed paper can be seen. Try to pull it out if it is possible. In case it does not get out, you need to open the upper lid of the printer and see if it can help to pull the paper out. If still the paper cannot be pulled out, try to get the same from the lower layer or front side. 
  • Clean the printer: In case there is dirt in the printer just clean it so that it does not harm the drum as well as other parts of the printer.