How To Ensure Safety At Your School With Modern Visitor Management Systems?

Management Systems

School visitor management has become an essential part of school security and is highly recommended for all institutions as it helps to ensure school safety through smart and innovative system. Safety is paramount when it comes to school campuses. It is very necessary to keep track of every person entering and exiting the school to protect the well-being of the school children. It is a challenge to track visitors, parents/ guardians and other staff entering the school premises at the same time. With a strong emphasis on student safety in schools, visitor management systems for schools require very modern and catered features that help to ensure school safety through smart and innovative measures.

Incorrect, illegible and at times incomplete manual paper check in systems leave schools vulnerable if an incident occurs. Paper logs also run the risk of being damaged or misplaced in a emergency situation and the person responsible for handling the logs would not be able to retrieve the information. With the help of modern visitor management software it makes the guest registration process really brief. With the detailed database, you can see records for all current visitors, any visitors from earlier in the day, and those who came later that day.

Appointing visitor management system is just the start, you also have to train the staff and other operators who would be around the entrance of the school. Apart from implementing visitor management system following are some policy tips to provide additional security:-

1)Funnel visitors through one common entrance:-

A clear and marked single entrance with access control restrictions on other entrances will surely help the security protocol to improve. Single entrance makes it neccessary for every intruder to document their presence on the visitor management system.

2) Notifications to the responsible authority: 

When a guest arrrives and checks in on the visitor management system an automated notification will ping the person responsible to attend that guest in the school. If the host is available can interact through the application itself which will further remove the confusion and save time on both ends.

3) Badge printing:

 With modern interactive visitor management systems you can design custom identification badges according to the requirements of the school. So, when the visitor fills in the information on the system he is provided a unique badge that has all the basic information and visitor’s photograph on it.

4) Pre-registration for recurring or expected visitors:

Modern day visitor management systems have all the latest features enabled in them like when a visitor is expected by the school authorities they can simply send invitation for the visit which will later save time on registration. Repeated visitors can enter by just providing their registered mobile number on their last visit which will also simplify the check in process.

5) Legal compliance and security:

Visitor management system for school also enables the opportunity to make the visitors acknowledge the legal documents and agreements required mandatory by the school by providing a digital signature on the tablet itself. This is very important for security purposes as all these documents can be tracked whenever required.

Now that you understand how a visitor management system helps the schools security protocols, the only thing left is appointing the best visitor management software available. Therefore, get a latest modern visitor management system appointed at your school and ensure that safety is priority.