How Do Creative/Tech Companies Keep Track Of Hourly Employees’ Time?


As a creative company, it can feel difficult at times to strictly monitor what is going on in the business. In something like manufacturing, there are solid measures of inputs and outputs that can be plain for all to see. Creative people need time to think and plan, access the internet and not every task can be neatly packaged into productive or unproductive.

So, your question is a really interesting one. There are two main ways of tracking hourly employees in a creative business –

  • Measure the outputs
  • Measure the inputs

Both have really interesting results, but only one really answers your question directly. Using tracking software to measure the inputs is the only way that you can ‘keep track of hourly employees’ time,’ as asked in your question. We hear stories every day of how effective tracking employees is for –

  • Improving efficiency
  • Producing payroll reports
  • Having quality conversations about performance

So, a free time clock app like SINC, allows you to have the data at your fingertips that will deliver all of these benefits, and often so much more. A creative or tech business will have periods of time where nothing is physically being produced – that’s just the nature of the beast. But if your team know that their time is being tracked, then you will see a better use of their time. Marry this with a consultative approach to the data the tracing software provides, and you can drive your business forward.

Tracking time is an easy way to ensure that attendance, timekeeping and performance levels are high. It also identifies any issues that could require your attention. This helps the creative or tech company to truly understand what their team are doing to drive standards and ultimately deliver a better service to their customers.