Why Your Business Needs To Know A Reputable Electrician

Reputable Electrician

Qualified NICEIC Electricians To Improve Your Workplace

Do you need to make electrical upgrades to your office? Or satisfy important compliance regulations? A qualified electrician is a necessity for your business. 

Businesses rely on outsourced professionals such as accountants, web designers, legal teams and customer support to carry out specialised tasks whilst allowing core employees to handle in-house jobs. But if you haven’t yet added the details of a reputable electrician to your outsourcing contacts, then now is the time to do so. Commercial electricians have the necessary skills and experience to handle a wide range of tasks that will be to the benefit of your organisation. 

Improved Lighting For Better Performance 

When we work in low-level lighting, this can have a negative impact on morale, productivity and overall wellbeing according to US and European research. A reputable commercial electrician can make positive changes to your lighting setup by switching to LEDs to give workers the boost they need. 

Energy Savings 

By making the move to more efficient lighting sources, you can also save your business up to 90% in energy bills. Your electrician will be able to audit your existing electrical setup and suggest changes to your lights, along with circuits, boards and cabling to achieve maximum efficiency. This will also help your business to become more sustainable, which is a priority for more than half of UK businesses this year, as revealed in HSBC’s ‘Made for the Future’ report. 

Industry Compliance 

Depending on the sector your company operates within, you’ll need to meet industry-specific guidelines, as well as satisfy health and safety requirements. A firm of Essex electricians explains that if you’re a landlord or commercial property owner then you’ll need Electrical Installation Condition Reporting carried out to receive EICR certificates. This should occur every 5 years or each time there’s a change in tenancy. 

The Health and Safety Executive also states that businesses need to commit to carrying out regular Portable Appliance Testing to ensure that electrical appliances are in good working order within your office environment. 

Emergency Lighting 

Another area of compliance to satisfy is with regards to the safety of all personnel on your business premises in the event of an emergency. An electrician will be required to install and maintain emergency lighting to illuminate the path to the nearest fire exit if the main lights go out. Lighting tests can be carried out on a weekly, monthly or annual basis to check that the installation is in good working condition and would safeguard all personnel in an emergency. 

Changing Layout 

As your business evolves, you may find that the layout and structure of your organisation need to be modified too. If you take on new staff, then you might have a need for additional desks to be set up with extra power outlets to be installed beneath. A reputable electrician can easily perform simple office upgrades like this with no job too small. 

If you don’t have the details of a qualified electrician on file, then now is the time to find one. Always choose an approved NICEIC contractor so you can be assured that they adhere to best practice guidelines and have the necessary training and experience to do a great job for your business!