Promoting Your Business Through Trade Shows

Trade Shows

Trade shows have gained respect over the years, but the concept behind them is nothing new. Trade shows have been around for over a hundred years, and may even have their roots in open-air markets. Trade show displays are a special opportunity for clients to promote a business or an idea and even speak about it with interested parties.

In fact, trade show displays can be a good way of allowing others to gain information about the products or services you have to offer, and whether or not there is a cost involved. 

Promotion Through Stickers

There are other ways that you can promote what you wish to sell at a trade show display. For example, stickers are a common tool and most people really enjoy them. Something with the company name, the right types of colours, and a good, quality, eye-catching logo can assist you in getting through to others. In fact, you may be able to create bumper stickers, laptop decals, or even front door decor, and give them away at a trade show booth.

With a sticker that’s portable enough for someone’s laptop, your chances for exposure increase dramatically. People take these devices anywhere, from school to work, or from the coffee shop to the local library. Curious patrons will have questions once they see that catchy design and wonder what it may be advertising.

Promotion Through Posters

Even a good poster can be a crucial part of your display at a trade show. In fact, posters are an excellent opportunity for those to demonstrate their entrepreneurial spirit through creativity, innovation, and design. Posters can be displayed in areas of business, such as restaurants and coffee shops where patrons can look at the advertisement and absorb its contents while dining. In escalators and exits, near elevators and other areas where people may congregate like waiting areas will be enough to capture the eyes of the general public and get your business promoted.

Promotion Through Brochures

Along with the aforementioned posters can come brochures that depict what you are actively trying to promote. They can come with a good dose of information that you can hand out to the public at trade shows. They can include the business background and contact information, including a telephone number and a website. But that’s not the only thing that would help.

Promotion Through Letterheads

Another way to polish your image is through a letterhead. Letterheads include the company name, address, and logo, and can even have a catchy slogan. They can be used in traditional correspondence with clients and help them to know that your business is authentic. Those who are conscientious may even reuse these envelopes to store items, and what is printed on them will be ingrained in their heads. In short, these items will help your business to become unforgettable.

Promotion Through  Business Cards

Handing out business cards is a timeless classic in the promotion of business, and they help you to meet people in person in a way that puts names to faces. You see your potential customers, and they get to meet you. You can discuss what you do, especially at these trade shows where you might attract a greater number of patrons. Having a physical address is a must, along with a telephone number and website. But, the key to boosting online exposure is to include the option of a mobile app download.

Whatever it takes to promote, good trade show displays should increase your customer base. Be willing to discuss what you sell to those walking by. Something eye-catching that attracts others to your trade show display booth will increase your exposure and boost any future revenue you may earn.