Title: Why Has The Demand For Translation Services In Dubai Increased With The Globalization Process?

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Globalization is a process that grows with each passing day. One of the most important factors in making this happen is the constant evolution of the internet, which shortens distances and facilitates relationships, which in turn impacts the number of certified translations.

According to a United Nations study, 3.2% of the world’s population in 2013 lived outside of their home country, equivalent to 232 million people, a figure that is 11.27%. greater than the population of Brazil, estimated at 208.5 million people.

Another noteworthy factor is that the number of people not living in their home country was 175 million in 2000 and 154 million in 1990, ie growth has been steady.

Learn why the effect of globalization has helped the number of certified translation services increase and what it means for the modern world.

Why have certified translations increased in demand with globalization?

Basically because more people live in other countries these days than a few years ago, which consequently increases the demand for the translation of official documents so that the bureaucratic procedures are met.

The growth of professional translation is clear today: an estimate from Common Sense Advisory (CSA) indicates that the global translation and technology services market is expected to reach $ 46.52 billion by 2018 and reach $ 56.18 billion in 2010. 2021.

These services include technical translations (technical content), simple translations (e-mails, websites, communicative texts and the like) and certified translations , also called public translations.

The difference between the certified translation for the technical translation (and also for the other types of translation) is the fact that it needs to be done by a specific professional, known as Public Translator and Commercial Interpreter (TPIC).

For this, the professionals need to be approved in a public contest prepared by the Commercial Board of the State in which they work and, later, be installed, which gives them the right to have public faith.

After that, they are able to make certified translations , which aim to translate official documents into a certain language and maintain their legal validity when presented in countries that speak that language.

When a document goes through the certified translation process, it is enough that it is presented together with the original document for it to be valid in other countries – a solution that is sought by those who want to go to other countries, either temporarily or permanently.

Which documents must go through the certified translation process?

In theory, all documents that are written in their original language and will need to be presented (and, consequently, maintain their legal validity) in other countries that are not speakers of the same language must go through the process.

What are the estimates for the future of certified translations?

Demand for certified translations as well as other types of translation services in general is expected to increase with each passing day.

In addition to the growing number of tourists, globalization itself tends to make the translation market massively move, not only in certified translations but also in other types of services.

Nowadays, with the ease of the internet, it is possible to communicate with people from other parts of the world in a matter of seconds, which is great for increasing the proximity of relationships, whether personal or professional, although this is an even bigger issue. embracing.

Companies can start offering their products and services to customers in other countries, which is an interesting opportunity to increase sales and show competitive advantages in relation to competing companies.

Scientists, researchers and other professionals who want to disseminate the conclusions and knowledge obtained through their experiences to people, companies and government agencies in other countries around the world also need translation to achieve this goal.

The consumption of international content itself is of paramount importance, especially when it comes to a more specific subject that does not have relevant or updated sources in Brazil, which means that the research has to be done with sources from other countries.

The translation services market for 2018 was favourable, as demand increased considerably. This is expected to continue to happen in the coming years, as seen in the Common Sense Advisory estimates.

This demand includes certified translations, which are fundamental for Brazilians who want to visit other countries to study, work or even for tourism, something that should be increasingly common, given the increase in international travel.

Globalization: a strong current trend

The person holding a small terrestrial globe with the arm of a sofa and a potted plant in the background symbolises the trend of globalization.

In the past, having access to content, products and services from other countries was something that seemed distant and complicated, especially the idea of ​​visiting such territories. However, globalization has caused these barriers to be overcome.

Today, you can access relevant information, news, studies and data from various countries, as well as products and services offered by companies from anywhere in the world.

The importance of certified translations is fundamental to these objectives, which means that the services provided by a company offering Translation in Dubai are directly related to global development as a whole, and society can only benefit from it.