Use Of Predesigned Sales Test For Selecting The Best Candidates


Sales is a competitive field; unfortunately, many salespeople have the conviction that the way the sun rises in their sky is the right way forward. This may be so, but when it is not, they continue doing what they think is needed and fail to deliver.

Use the sales test

The way out of this quandary is to use a sales personality test that shows whether the person is ready for the job in hand or not. Many HR department heads are familiar with this scenario. There are many software companies that develop the tests in various field such as management, engineering, design, and sales. You can ask for and get the question bank from them and use them to test your candidates. You can see how you can avoid making the mistake of hiring someone totally useless and regretting it for the rest of your life.

Check the questions

Many people remain convinced that the tests are a waste of time. These tests are selected by the best brains in the business. If you are not convinced about the wisdom of using these tests, check out the questions given below.

  1. How many people has the company chosen who do not live up to the expectations?

If you did your recruiting without any screening and based only on the educational qualifications alone, you are apt to have many who do not know what is expected of them. Being new in the field, they have a different concept of work. This is understandable, but if you were to use questions that showed how skilled the person was, you would not have to recruit people who did not know anything.

  1. Are you willing to forgo a good part of the money of the company in imparting training to people who have no skill or inclination for the topic in hand?

No company boss wants to lose a good part of the money on not getting results. If one spends some money, they want to see that it is converted into action. When you try to train someone who has no skill, you waste the time and the money. Or, if a person is not inclined to obey instructions or does not want to learn new things, you will be throwing your money away. You can make sure by including the right questions regarding the work. This way, you will only have people who want to work in the way they should.

  1. Is the new hiring strategy working and why?

You see practical results in the way the new recruits respond to the challenges without the need for prompting them. This is because you made sure you filtered those who were not skilled enough to work. You chose only those who showed an aptitude for work and were eager to learn new things.

Use of the testing method of selecting candidates is effective in getting the best candidates for the company. The sales personality test will bring out the best salespeople and leave out the rest. This way, you get the best out the people who apply for the job vacancy.