Tips To Strike A Perfect Balance Between Business Career And Family

Career And Family

The essence of Indian women lies in nurturing the family at home but due to increase in responsibilities, a woman needs to step out for work to satisfy the financial needs of the family. But it becomes very difficult to strike a balance between family and career. The women are taken for granted that it’s only their responsibility for household works, kitchen works etc. This theory needs to be modified now. It the responsibility of both husband and wife to carry out day to day activities together as both are working.

In this article, I am sharing 10 ways moms can balance work and family to ease out the pressure the women faces at home and at Work.

  1. Quality Daycare: Find a good daycare for your child if he is a toddler. Before finalizing do check its hygiene, infrastructure and the employees over there. Do check their past experience and their way of dealing with the baby.
  1. Nannies: If you can afford, keep a nanny for your child. This way you will not have to leave your child to daycare and you can keep an eye over your kid by putting a CCTV camera. Before appointing any nanny, ask her if she has any experience with this kind of situation. Verify her background and then finalize her.
  1. Easy Mornings: Don’t make a fuss in the morning. Try to do some morning work a night before going to bed like cutting of vegetables, pressing clothes, packing the bags of kids, polishing the shoes etc. This will definitely ease the pressure you face in the morning as everyone is in a hurry.
  1. Involve kids and spouse: Carrying out day-to-day chores can be made easy and quick by involving kids and spouses in the work. Kids can be given the work of arranging like arranging books, newspapers, and clothes while your husband can help you in other work of the kitchen as well.
  1. Quality time: After a busy week, spare some time from your weekends and spend some quality time with kids and friends. Plan a vacation after every say 6-7 months so as to re-energize yourself. This is a good way to spend real quality time with family. And not to forget, being a mother doesn’t means you should ignore your partner. Give him his equal share of time too.
  1. Time Table: Do everything in a planned way. Make a timetable for the week and also encourage other family members to do that.
  1. Work from Home: Making careers working with babies is very difficult. Rather ask your employer I you can work from home for few months till your child is school going. The other option can be you can go for many freelancing jobs available online.
  1. Engaging toys: Try to engage your kids in some educational toys available in the market as well as online. Don’t let them use your mobile phones or tablets. This may be harmful for their health.
  1. Overcome the guilt: Don’t ever let the guilt of working overpower you. Understand the fact that no one can be perfect. The better you understand that early, the better you will overcome your guilt.
  1. Inform Employer: Before going on board, inform your manager about your family situation and also if in case you need a leave, he should give you at least in the initial days when the kid is small.

I hope these useful tips will help in striking a balance between your work and family. Good Luck!!!