Neon Signs Aren’t Actually Neon


While you might know the bright signs outside of businesses, hotels, and bars as neon signs, they are not actually made of neon. In the past, the signs were filled with neon gas. The process of creating the signs involved bending glass into different shapes. This was not possible until glass could be bent quickly by machines or by hand. It was also discovered that exciting neon gas would produce bright colours.

Electricity flowing through neon would create bright red light. They, however, were not suitable for use as actual lighting. Neon lights are very bright but the colours are too rich. Also, the gas inside the tubes would slowly lose its pressure over time. The 21st-century neon signs are nothing like their predecessors.

21st Century Signs

21st century neon signs are not actually filled with neon. It was quickly found that many of the noble gases would emit different colours when they are electrified. Now an argon and mercury gas mixture is the most common substance. Also, it does not leak very readily in modern lights. The colour is created by coating the inside of the light with a substance that reacts to the UV light from the argon and mercury. They are available in dozens of colours, which is why they’re so popular for signs and nameplates in London.


Advertising with neons signs is a great way to reach potential clients and customers. People try very mightily to avoid as many advertisements as they can. They use ad blockers to avoid advertisements on their computers and fast-forward through commercials on their televisions. However, it is very difficult to avoid a neons sign. They’re so bright and attractive that they draw the eye.

If you want to make your business stand out, you should invest in neons signs. Keep in mind, though, that they aren’t actually neons as that gives you the option of many different colours.