Are You In Over Your Head In Debt? Here’s How To Tell

Head In Debt

Being in debt is something that is a reality for most Americans. And having a little bit of debt isn’t usually problematic for many. However, many people are in over their heads in debt and don’t know it. How do you know if you are in over your head in debt? Here is a list of things you need to ask yourself to find out.

Is Your Income Adequate?

The first step in determining whether or not your debt is a problem is to understand how much money you bring in. If you have a job that offers a regular paycheck, it should be fairly simple to figure this out. Add up how much money you receive from your job or other source of income and then write it down.

Next, start tallying up your monthly expenses. Start with the fixed monthly bills that you have that are necessary for living. These might include your mortgage, your utility bill, your insurance payment, etc. This is not the total to add any debt expenses in. Add up all of these expenses and then subtract that total from your income. Is the result positive? Excellent. If not, you may already see that you have a problem. Lastly, take a look at how your debt adds to your monthly budget. Write down all of the minimum payment amounts that you have to pay in order to keep your accounts current and add them up. Write down that total under the result from the last calculation and then subtract it. Is the net result positive or negative? If it’s negative, then you can already conclude that you are in over your head. If it’s positive, is there enough left over for you to put money into a savings account or to make payments larger than the minimum payment towards your debt. If the answer is no, then you can also conclude that you are in over your head.

I Am In Over My Head. Now What?

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