Tips For Creating Your Food & Drink Label Artworks


Product labels aren’t only about creating beautiful designs. It will help to define your brand. An ideal label should be eye-catching and able to grab the attention of your target audience. The whole thing might sound complicated but it truly is.

If you do not have the budget to hire a professional label designer but want your label to stand out, go through the tips below. We have curated this from top graphic designers, and hence you will get advice from the best.

Use Adobe Illustrator

If you want that perfect professional design for your drink labels, always choose Adobe Illustrator over Microsoft Word or Photoshop. It is because Microsoft Word won’t be able to support the printing in its best quality. The applications automatically convert any image to RGB, which is not supported by most label printers. Because of this, it can lead to additional costs. Also, when the image is RGB, it does not convert well to CMYK, which would make your image look dull and washed out.

Be Clear About The Style

Deciding the right style for your labels of the drink is important as it would help enhance your brand appeal. Keep a close eye on the basic elements of design such as fonts, colour palettes, images, etc. For example, white fonts on a yellow background will not be visible, or too much cursive font style can make it difficult to read the label. The aim here is to make your target audience understand the product and get it noticed by children.

The Right Measurements

Measure the bottle or container before you finally start designing the drink labels. The right size will help you customise the design more easily. An improperly fitting label looks embarrassing and can even deteriorate your brand appeal. Also, remember that the bigger the label, the more expensive it is. So it makes zero sense to create a bigger label than what is needed. If the label needs to define the product’s specifications, ensure the same is done in the best possible way.

Using The Concept Of Typographic Pairing

The most challenging part of label designing is to provide all the required information in a tiny space. With the writing area constraint, you cannot leave big blanks between two lines to depict completely different information. In those cases, typographic pairing can help you a lot. You can go for different font styles or bold one line to make it evident that both lines are different.

These are some of the most effective tips you should keep in mind while designing your food and beverage label. Ensure that it has all the required and right information. The label should also be done, maintaining all the legalities.