6 Common Realtor Marketing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them


You want your SEO and PPC to be refined. You want all those moving parts of advertising to work together seamlessly and perfectly. However unrealistic and daunting this may seem, you can do it!

All you have to do is pay close attention and avoid common mistakes that all realtors make at some point or another. Once you are aware of these or simply refreshed on them, you’ll be at the top of your game and swimming in leads!

Marketing services in real estate requires knowing what can hinder your progress. Here are six common realtor marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

  1. Not Polishing Your Web Design

A common mistake that many realtors make is assuming that designing realtor websites is easy. They go ahead and build something that looks awful and don’t consult a professional. You need an engaging, beautiful site to have maximum success!

It’s the face of your company and can mean the difference between a conversion or not, leading to fewer deals overall. Put in the time and money for a great site and you’ll see results.

You can use Squarespace, Placester, or Wix, to name a few. Take a course or hire a professional. It will vastly increase website engagement.

Check out Smart MLS to learn about a great digital marketing strategy. Integration is easy, and it targets an audience perfectly. 

  1. Not Using Video Marketing

Another mistake realtors sometimes make is thinking that a video won’t make much difference, therefore they don’t make one or utilize video to harness marketing success.

YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are so popular and allow for great video marketing for realtors. If you don’t take advantage of these outlets, you could be missing out on millions of views and conversions.

These days, homebuyers are doing more research than ever before, and checking all social media sites for videos is a big one. Make some high-quality media content and throw it out there. 

Start making great videos by using your phone, a webcam, your laptop, or a drone. Learn about screencasting, BombBomb, and Soapbox to up your game!

  1. Not Using Retargeting Tools

A dropped prospect is not a lost prospect. They could be back!

Retargeting solves this issue. Re-engage visitors who have dropped by using social media ads, banners, drip campaigns, etc. This way, they won’t forget you, and could potentially jump back in!

As you probably know, getting one visit from a customer doesn’t automatically mean they’ll stay, either. Use retargeting codes from Facebook, Taboola, Google, Linkedin, and Outbrain. These huge ad platforms are great for getting customers to come back fast.

  1. Being Too Invasive With Social Media Marketing

Being too invasive with this is another realtor marketing mistake. You don’t want to annoy potential buyers. So refrain from posting too much spam or content that seems overly pushy. 

What you want to do is share content that is relevant and authentic. This will get you the most visibility. Quality over quantity is key.

  1. Not Paying Attention to SEO

Flood your site with consistent, organic traffic by optimizing your SEO for Google algorithms. Doing this will maximize your marketing efforts, drive traffic, and get more conversions!

  1. Not Organizing Your Data

Not managing your data in an organized way is another big mistake that can affect success. Your pitch isn’t everything, so optimize your real estate marketing campaign by optimizing behind the scenes.

It’s too easy for contact information to be disorganized when you have spreadsheets, sticky notes, Gmail, and restaurant napkins. Try to keep in touch without letting an important prospect fall through the cracks by using a real estate CRM, for example.

Avoid These Realtor Marketing Mistakes and Go Get Those Conversions! 

So, whether you’re perfecting your website and videos or revamping your retargeting strategy, remember to avoid those 6 common realtor marketing mistakes. Keep your options open during COVID-19 by taking advantage of digital meetups. Stay organized and balance your ad frequency.

Proper data management, SEO, MLS, video and other media, and gorgeous websites are some of the most important marketing factors that require proper attention and finesse. Check these off your list and bring in more conversions!

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