The Top 10 Skills You Can Take To Any Job


Whether professionals are electively job-hopping or at the mercy of an ever-evolving business landscape, ‘transferable’ skills are experience that you can pack up and take with you to any role. We’ve rounded up the top skills that can be taken and brought to any industry or position.

  1. Computer Literacy

Whether you’re working with sales or IT information systems, being comfortable with  different operating systems and their functions will cut down on your training time and get a running start at a new job. Having an elaborated knowledge of making flowcharts, pdf documents or using advanced financial and mathematical functions in Excel can always come in handy.

  1. The ability to get your point across

Whether you’re working as a banker or as an academic professor, it is very important that you know about the dos and don’ts of communication in the workplace. Employers are always on the lookout for professionals and prospective employees with exceptional skills in communication and public speaking.

  1. On-boarding others in the organisation

Managing people is no longer enough; the intangible quality of leadership is demanded in the 21st-century workplace. Employers are always looking for leaders with an ability to delegate, develop and inspire in the workplace.

  1. Experience in research

Finding the information you need to make good decisions is valuable regardless of industry. Knowing how and where to look for reliable information will make your business cases compelling, back up your ideas, and save you from making poor decisions.

  1. Proven skills in team-building

No matter, which job you move to, you’re always going to be expected to have worked in a team and have had experience of leading or being part of one. Accountability, figuring out what’s important to others, cooperation, and the ability to unite, are necessary skills for working effectively in a team.

  1. A problem-solving attitude

Probably one of the most required skill sets in any professional environment, an ability to see the big picture and overcome challenges creatively is what keeps businesses competitive.

  1. Analytical skills

Whether it is banking, pharmaceuticals or marketing, people are always going to need to have skills in figuring out the patterns lying just beneath the surface of quantitative data. Just as math and science professionals need communication skills, soft-skill professionals such as sales and PR need to hit the data to plan their campaigns.

  1. The ability to make a decision

In times of uncertainty, people will always look up to leaders who are calm and make decisions prioritising the company’s interests and aligning them with the needs and benefits of the employees.

  1. Clear and elegant prose

Regardless of your position or industry, you’ll need to get your ideas across in an email. Knowing how to write what you need to say in a compact, structured, easy-to-understand way will save you time and garner respect.

Abby Guthrie is an editor for and She has a passion for education and helping professionals stay lifelong learners.

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  1. Really amazing post and this is very useful post that you have shared as everyone at some point of time need this skill to achieve in their jobs as well at time of selection. Getting desired job is almost everyone dream so this skill swill surely help them to get that.

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