What Kind Of Services Does Handy Deliver?


Handy is a company whose purpose is to help find homeowners and tenant professionals to complete your to-do list. Since the year is coming to a close, there is no better time than now to get rid of all those lingering things to get done around the house. To be able to start the year off on the right foot, it is important to complete all the tasks that are on your mind. This way you will not be overwhelmed or bogged down when you have to add more items to your list later on.

If you live in a major city in the United States or in Canada, Handy has set up a platform on various electronic devices to make it easy for people to find someone to clean their space, fix their pipes, or even find an electrician. That is why a lot of people have already bookmarked Handy as their go-to destination in case they need something specific done at home. Even if you bought furniture that needs assembly but aren’t sure how to get it done, there are people to help you find that certain someone who has the know-how and will do it within your budget.

If you have the extra cash lying around but don’t have the time or know-how to undertake a certain task, it is best to get in touch with a professional at Handy. When you do, you can start your day off feeling productive by booking a professional to show up whenever you would like.

There have already been over 3 million bookings by clients through this startup. Handy has a three-step process that they are proud to use to vet the professionals applying to have a profile on the platform. Since Handy would not want just anyone to come to your home, they have placed this process to ensure that never happens and they are trustworthy people. The first step is a pre-screening step to look into just what kind of people they are. Next is the credential verification to make sure the information given is accurate and they are who they say they are. The last step Handy has put in place to vet the professionals they allow to have a profile on their site is through a background check.

The advantage of this process is for the customer to focus on anything else more worthy of their time such as spending time with loved ones. While you focus on the more important things in life, Handy takes care of the rest.