Why It’s Important To Scan Company Documents


There are numerous reasons as to why a business should scan its documents and files onto a server. In today’s current work climate, everything is done online, and most companies are choosing to go paperless for obvious reasons. The following article will discuss some of the advantages of deciding to scan documents onto a network.

  • Productivity

One of the main reasons to scan documents onto a network is to improve productivity, business associates and employees need instant access to files, and without online access a company must physically send documents. This takes a considerable amount of time and even express postage can’t deliver packages instantaneously. Another good reason to scan documents onto a server is for location purposes, your business can easily pinpoint a specific file without having to search through multiple storage cabinets.If a file happens to go missing, it could cost your business a lot of hassle, especially if it contains highly sensitive information.

  • Reduced Paper Clutter

Having too much clutter in your workplace can cause several problems, it affects productivity and makes it difficult to find important business documents. You now have options to reduce or even eliminate nearly all of your paper clutter by digitising your files. You’ll no longer need large storage units to hold documents, you can store thousands of files online which can be accessed through company servers. Document scanning stops the build-up of paper and allows your business to work more effectively.

  • Disaster Recovery

Document scanning allows your company to store files on a network, this is hugely advantageous in the event of a fire or any other disaster scenario. Paper documents are vulnerable to both man-made and natural disasters, if a fire rips through your premises all the documents stored there may be destroyed with no chance of recovery. Fortunately, businesses have the option of scanning documents online, which offers enhanced recovery. It doesn’t matter if all of your computers were destroyed, your files are stored in cyberspace and can’t be physically damaged.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Whatever can be done to stop deforestation and reduce carbon emissions should be recognised as a positive step towards helping our environment, scanning documents reduces the number of businesses that need to use paper as their main source of data storage. According to numerous surveys, the average office employee uses approximately 10,000 sheets of paper per year, this is a substantial amount for just one individual. Think about how many trees must be cut down to meet this demand, going paperless eliminates this need and greatly reduces deforestation.

  • Data Protection

Document scanning provides enhanced data protection, paper can be easily stolen and important information can get into the wrong hands potentially causing catastrophic consequences for your business. Document scanning services use high-quality protection software to ensure your files are uploaded onto a secure network.

It’s important to protect your company’s files and keep them stored in a suitable environment, document scanning enables your business to save and store files over a secure network which can only be accessed by authorised personnel. It is eco-friendly and improves your organisation’s productivity.