Why Is Employee Recognition Important To Company Success


Employee Appreciation

For every strong company, there is a backbone of good employees. Without good employees, the company cannot survive. There are times when work gets hectic, and it becomes, “nose to the grindstone,” nonstop all day. That is when an employee, even the most reliable ones, can fall into a routine in which they feel like the company doesn’t care about them or what they are doing. This is why it is very important for a company to give the employee recognition for their efforts.

Usually, when work slows down is the best time for a manager or supervisor to acknowledge the worker in such a way they feel appreciated. If this is not done, then the employee will become disgruntled and put forth bad production. Many fall into this category today because some employers push hard for production and only want more.

Ways to Show Appreciation

There are a few ways to show an employee appreciation which can go a long way. For starters, a simple “thank you” can make a world of difference. It lets the employee know the boss realizes their efforts, and it will drive the employee to do more for the company just on that simple gesture.

Everyone likes a free meal. Some bosses take their workers out to eat during the lunch hour as a token of appreciation. This normally happens when things inside the company slow down, and both parties can enjoy their meal. Sometimes, over lunch, they will talk about issues within the company, and this gives the employee the confidence to open up and share their ideas.

Some bosses will go a step further and give the employee the day off with pay. This will only happen if work is slow. This reward can happen if the work is constant, the employee may have put in extra hours in overtime and worked extra hard. Many bosses will not give the entire day, but most will let the worker go home early at the end of the week if all the work is done.

If the entire team has done a good job, then the boss may have a cookout for the workers. That would be a great way to show appreciation for its employees, and the boss can mingle with the workers. It can be a great way to take a break and get their minds off the stress of the day.

There are many gift ideas that a company can give an employee. Some give bonuses, and some give small plaques or certificates. There are some that give watches, engraved pins, small trophies, and medals.

Then, there are the media. The worker may have their picture taken for the company newsletter or social media for an outstanding job. This puts forth a public acknowledgment of a job well done. An employee may have an outstanding safety record, perfect attendance, or just go above and beyond for the company.

Employee recognition is an integral part of the company’s growth. You grow when your employees work their hearts out, and that happens only when they’re motivated and appreciated.

Benefits for Appreciation

There are benefits to both sides for showing appreciation. The company will have better workers, and the production rate will be higher. This will bring in higher revenue for the company which also means for the employee, job stability and possibly more money. Company appreciation makes a happy work environment and can help the company gain more workers should the company want to expand. If the worker is happy, they may spread the word about how good the company is, giving the company a form of advertising. It is safe to say, that if the worker is happy, then the company will prosper.