Tips To Beat Instagram Algorithm 2021

There are nearly one billion users on Instagram, that’s about 1/8 of the global population.

Google is even planning to add Instagram videos as part of their search results.

So, how are you supposed to get noticed? By understanding Instagram’s algorithm. Instagram has been historically cryptic about its algorithm, but it’s revealed a bit of information about the Instagram algorithm 2021 on its account.

Here’s how to navigate the Instagram algorithm to get more eyes on your account in 2021.

A Note Before Discussing The Instagram Algorithm 2021

Before we get into specifics about Instagram’s algorithm, it’s important to note a few high-level strategy touchpoints that are essential to a successful Instagram game plan. You need to have a crystal clear understanding of your audience, goals, and messaging before any of the tips below can reach their full potential.

Quality Is King

“Quality” is a relative term on Instagram. The same measurements used to designate “quality” content on Instagram aren’t necessarily the same as they are for writing a blog or designing an ad for a different platform. It’s more important to understand your audience and to produce content they want to engage with.

Instagram doesn’t single out “quality” as a key metric, but they have mentioned that “interest” and “session time” are important ranking factors. Making your audience interested enough to follow you, engage with you and spend time on your account is largely dependent on the quality and relevance of your content.

Do Less and More

So, based on what Instagram has said about its algorithm, you need to be using all of the features — specifically, stories, reels, feed and explore, etc. — to use Instagram’s algorithm to your advantage. But, your organisation probably doesn’t have the bandwidth or budget to push out multiple high-quality Instagram reels, posts, and stories each week. That means you have to prioritise making quality content less frequently for each feature, over only focusing your strategy on one or two of Instagram’s features.

Consistency Over Frequency

Even though it’s better to do less really well than a lot so-so, timeliness is still an important ranking factor. Timeliness is defined by several things, such as how new your content is. Newer posts are favoured to show up on feeds and searches on Instagram.

Posting when your audience is online is another key factor in determining timelines. You’ll naturally engage with your audience and reach new people if you’re posting and engaging when they’re active on Instagram.

Thoughtful Engagement

Many organisations get so hung up on posting or sharing stories daily that they overlook engagement. Engagement is crucial to working with the Instagram algorithm and is arguably just as important as the content you post. What you comment on, who interacts with you, how frequently and the quality of the conversations you have are all important factors.

But, there’s no real shortcut to quality engagement. It takes time and consistency. Luckily, there are a few reputable auto likes for Instagram companies that have emerged to help.

How To Beat The Instagram Algorithm

With a little know-how and strategy, any user can use the Instagram algorithm 2021 to their advantage. Use the tips in this article as the blueprint for your strategy. Want more social media tips and ideas?

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