Cuy Asado: Peruvian Guinea Pig Eating

cuy asado

I was aware that when in Peru, I had to have some cuy asado, or roasted guinea pig. Why was I required to? If you’re the adventurous kind, one of the things you do when visiting Peru is eat. In Spanish, cuy means “guinea pig,” in case you were wondering. I shall refer to both phrases equally in this evaluation of great dining.

What is the Spanish term for “Guinea Pig”?

In Spanish, cuy means “guinea pig.” Another well-known Peruvian delicacy is cuy, which is made of cooked guinea pig. Ecuador is another well-liked location to sample it, and the Andes are its main markets. Cuy is the most popular among tourists since it’s novel and exciting to try something different. The flavour of guinea pig will be discussed later, but for most people, it’s a one-time experience.

cuy asado

Roasted Guinea pig is referred to as cuy asado. One of the more well-liked methods for preparing guinea pig meat is this one. The process is simple: the guinea pig is skinned, cut open, and its insides removed before being placed on the grill. We’ll quickly discuss the flavour. A different well-liked technique is fried Guinea pig. It’s the same idea, just with more grease.

It’s important to note that many nations in Central and South America like roast beef. Pollo asado is roasted chicken. I don’t find it surprising that the guinea pig I was given was cuy asado because of this. The dryness and general boredom of asado, which translates to “roasted,” is the only drawback.

How Does Guinea Pig Flavour?

Guinea pig tastes like a flavour you’ll experience only once. My cuy asado was overcooked and really rough. The guinea pig’s initial meat content was also low. The fact that there was no sauce or spice applied to the cuy seemed peculiar. I didn’t particularly enjoy the taste of guinea pig as a consequence. Consider biting on sturdy cardboard to obtain a sense of the flavour of guinea pig.

Why Do Humans Consume Guinea Pig?

Why not first address the question of why people eat guinea pigs? Pigs, cows, and chickens are the animals that are consumed in various regions of the world. Having consumed a wide variety of animals from all over the world, I can attest that those three have the greatest flavours. The majority of other animal meat tastes weird, gamey, or rough.

What makes guinea pigs edible? They consume it because it grows abundantly and is accessible in the Andes. Although I doubt many people actually enjoy the lunch shown above, it’s still accessible and reasonably priced, so why not? Rats are comparable to my cuy experience, which is covered below, in my previous experience eating them.

My First Time Having cuy asado

I ordered some cuy asado at this place, whose name I couldn’t remember, that was close to the Plaza de Armas. Shortly after, these lively South Koreans entered, and one of the men placed the identical order. I would best describe the experience of eating guinea pigs as a one-time event. I’m happy I did it since I would have been a typical traveller otherwise. You might as well get married and start watching reality TV if that ever comes to pass.

Let me talk about my experience with the fries as we talk about the roasted guinea pig. The guinea pig and the fries weren’t all that much better. I believe some coleslaw or anything with sauce would be a great addition if you were getting cuy asado. It was a depressingly dry lunch throughout.

Curried Guinea Pig Recipe Idea?

It would have been lovely with a curried cuy. Maybe remove the bones and blend them into something unique. The tomato that appeared was good for presentation, but its main function was to moisten the food. The reason Cuy appears as it does is for shock value; it becomes more daring when you see it on the bones. There’s no confusing cuy for cooked guinea pig when it’s prepared like the one above.

Hit it up if you’re in the vicinity! In Cusco, Peru, guinea pig dining is an unforgettable experience. When fresh, cuy asado essentially tastes like chicken skin on top of bones. It becomes chilly after about twenty minutes, at which point you want to take it out of sight!

With just a few hours remaining before my departure to Lima, I’m heading to the market to crash on soup and juice.