Why Audience Response Systems Are Better On The Cloud

Not too long ago, audience response systems (ARS) were only capable of being utilised through the installation of clunky and often costly hardware that required on-site technicians to maintain. Not only is this no longer true with the right companies on your side but you could take care of your ARS needs without using any additional hardware beyond your own device, meaning that you could really make the most of the system. This type of convenience will afford you the option of truly becoming engaged with the program, increasing convenience, improving productivity, and making your experience with the system generally better in every regard.


When looking to gather data faster, you can try a modern ARS tool such as Glisser to really make your efforts create a difference for yourself and your audience. Such a free audience response system is not only reliable and well-designed but you will be able to gather data much faster than you could if you utilised the older methods. Rather than worrying about paper tests and the frustration of recording all that information digitally, you could take advantage of a cloud-based system that will take much of the laborious work out of your hands and allow you to more quickly make use of what you gather.


One of the biggest reasons that you benefit from a cloud-based ARS is that you receive much-improved feedback from those who send it to you. This is because a system such as this will no longer require that anyone make it known what he or she voted for, said, or otherwise engaged in, meaning that they can enjoy true anonymity throughout the process. With peer pressure out of the equation for good, you can receive much improved and much more honest audience responses that are significantly more accurate.


If you utilise ARS systems, you offer true equality to those using them because every person is given one vote or opportunity for feedback with nothing recording who he or she is, his or her station, or anything else. This is a chance for you to receive truly accurate data about how your employees, students, or any other contributing group feel about the situation. This is true of those considered to be introverts as well, meaning that you truly get a group of people who are more engaged because they feel empowered to contribute to a system that will take their votes fairly.


ARS designed using the cloud will mean that you no longer need to worry about bulky and often unsightly hardware and you will no longer require the help of an on-site technician to get it all set up and maintained. You also have the opportunity to log on using any of your own devices, making it possible for you to utilise the ARS from virtually anywhere at your convenience. This will make using it easier, faster, and more reliable and you will never again be forced to wait hours at a time to see feedback and to respond to it or review your own data.