Artificial Intelligence To Alter Digital Marketing Altogether In 2019

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing to the business is like oxygen to human beings today. Now digital marketing is surging forward with giant leaps in terms of AI or artificial intelligence and their new strategies.  Google Ads and Facebook platforms have already started using Artificial intelligence tools to enhance digital marketing strategies.

New Era Digital Marketing Consulting:

In this ever-changing world with a lot of new technologies banging on the doors of digital marketing every day, a prudent digital marketing consulting company should focus more on the future use of Artifice Intelligence tools to boost website traffic and conversion rates to stay in business.

  • Google Ads:

In the last three months of its start, the Google Ads implemented from July 24th this year has taken digital marketing by storm.  Google Ads system is partly based on cookies and keywords determined by the advertisers who wish to advertise in Google Ads. Google Ads which was previously known as Google AdWords has made an advertising revenue of nearly 100 billion US dollars for Google in 2017 alone.

  • Facebook Ads:

The far and wide reach of Facebook which is now estimated to be more than 2.25 billion people around the world makes it an ideal platform for advertisements.  The target audience could be easily identified and could increase the ROI of any business with ads on Facebook Ads.

Artificial Intelligence:

For anydigital marketing consulting company, the focus is mainly on digital advertising.  This is where Artificial Intelligence has already made inroads to forecast the future of digital marketing to business.   Google Ads and Facebook platforms have already started using AI as the data initiative to find people inclined towards the advertiser’s desired action.  Also, world-renowned companies like Forbes, and Associated Press have started using Artificial intelligence tools like Wordsmith, Articolo and Quill to write content for their news articles.

Why Is Rank Brain Important For SEO Campaign?

This is another program of Artificial Intelligence. This helps in the process of Google search queries by changing the vast amount of written language into mathematical entities which are called vectors. This will help the computers to understand the mathematical entities better than the words.

Keywords are so far defined SEO rankings. The keywords are determined as per the customers’ search.  Depending on this Google’s software engineers would create a mathematical algorithm that would decide the search rankings.  This will be constant for some time. With Rank Brain, it is not going to be the same. With the rank brain that algorithm is now learning and continuously changing.  This will affect the basis of SEO. SERP or the search engine result page the backbone of any website is going to be changed completely with Rank Brain.

Crawl budget:

Crawl or the scrolling done on the website is defined by Google as Crawl budget which is taking the crawl rate and crawl demand together.  The number of URLs the Google spider or the Googlebot wants to or can crawl. Hence the number of links of URLs should be according to the Crawl budget in the future for being in the good books of Google.

All these and many more on the new era of digital marketing should be adopted by any digital marketing consulting company.