Gianna Michelle Thompson Parents, Celebrity Kids, & More

Gianna Michelle Thompson

Kenan Thompson’s daughter is Gianna Michelle Thompson. Her birthday is July 31, 2018. In 2024, she will be five years old.

Let’s find out more about Gianna’s parents, her childhood as a star, and other topics.

Gianna Michelle Thompson’s parents

Kenan Thompson

Gianna is the well-known comedian Kenan Thompson’s daughter. He is an actor and comedian from America. On May 10, 1978, he was born. In 2024, he will be 46 years old. He has acted in a number of well-known films and TV series. like Heavy Weight, Fat Albert, Good Burge, and others. We believe the following other films and television programs helped Kenan become a well-known figure in the US entertainment industry:

  • Kel and Kenan: 1996–2000
  • Delicious Burger: 1997
  • Everything That: 1994–2020
  • Second Good Burger: 2023
  • Since 1975, Saturday Night Live
  • Fat Albert: 2004
  • Kenan: 2021–2022
  • 1995’s heavyweights
  • Trolls Unite in 2023:
  • D2: The 1994 Mighty Ducks
  • The Grinch: Current Edition
  • 2020’s Trolls World Tour
  • iParty 2011 with Victorious
  • Nature Cat (2024–2025).
  • 2000’s “Two Heads Are Better Than None”

Christina Evangeline

Christina Evangeline is the mother of Gianna. She is an American model and Kenan Thompson’s ex-wife. Her birthday is March 24, 1989. In 2024, she will turn 35 years old. She uses Facebook, X, TikTok, Instagram, and X pretty frequently. In 2022, the couple filed for divorce. In addition to her work as a model, Christina starred in the 2015 short film Mini Supreme. We don’t know if she has appeared in any more television programs or motion pictures.

Gianna Michelle Thompson’s siblings

Georgia is Gianna’s older sister. Her birthday is June 20, 2014. She is now nine years old. She adores Gianna. The sisters are both quite cute.

Gianna’s Celebrity Kid Life

Gianna is a charming Kenan member. She is her father’s youngest daughter. Her famous parents have contributed to her popularity. Gianna went to Hollywood Boulevard with her older sister Georgia to watch his father receive the 2,728th star on the “Hollywood Walk of Fame” at his winning ceremony. Both of the children gained public notice very early. Christina, her mother, posts a lot of her wonderful moments on Instagram. Despite her parents’ divorce, she still receives plenty of affection and attention from them both.

Gianna’s parents split up.

We discovered that one of the worst events in Gianna’s life to date—that is, in the year 2024—was her parents’ divorce in 2022. Gianna’s parents separated four years after she was born in 2018.

Gianna Is With Whom?

Gianna resides full-time with her mother, although her father is free to visit whenever he pleases. Right now, we don’t know who is paying for her life. However, given that the child is just six years old in 2024, we are quite certain that her father is also covering her medical costs.

What Is the Net Worth of Gianna’s Parents?

In 2024, Gianna’s mother Christina will have a net worth of roughly $910,000, while her father Kenan will have a net worth of $13 million.

In summary

Gianna Michelle Thompson is her parents’ darling little angel. She is, in fact, making the most of her brief existence.