5 Ways For A Small Business To Use Postcards

Small Business

The fiscal implications of marketing can be significant for a small business. And when every penny counts, finding effective ways to advertise and promote a small business is a crucial part of both long and short term success.

Printing postcards can be a superbly effective and versatile tool for any small business. Here are five ways to put postcard printing to good use.

1. In line with long term advertising.

Using postcards in conjunction with long term advertising can tie in long term goals very neatly. For example, using a billboard to advertise the location of a small business, outline its purpose and provide contact details. The billboard only needs to be updated in line with layout or branding alterations or if the details on it change, i.e. the company moves to new premises. Postcard advertising to highlight more changeable aspects – new products, sale dates, etc. – gives the business owner greater advertising scope and versatility.

2. To highlight a call to action.

A call to action is a great way to encourage customers to take that final step into a store or on to a website. Short term marketing using postcards to highlight a call to action can be voucher codes, time-limited sales, special offers, etc.

3. To advertise new products.

Not every new product release will be worthy of an entire printed matter overhaul. Postcards are great to highlight a new product, range or service that’s noteworthy but not necessarily valid of its own large scale marketing campaign, e.g. a gift boutique highlighting a new stockist.

Using social media is a great way to spread the word, so think about tying postcard information in with social media accounts. For example, announce on the company Facebook page that anyone signed up to the postcard mailing list will receive a discount voucher code with the next postcard mailshot.

4. To test the market.

Is there a market for a particular new product or service? Cheap postcard printing means it’s easy to make a foray into the market without blowing a huge budget on a massive ad campaign. For a small business, mistakes can be costly, so use postcards to test the water and see whether there’s a demand.

5. To reach potential clients in their own homes.

Direct mail is one of the most effective and popular advertising methods. Despite social media taking a strong place in the business world, direct mail – mailshots, catalogs, postcards, etc. – can offer superb scope to expand a business’s client base by bringing brand influence into their homes.

Try to combine postcard mailshots with other marketing tools, e.g. social media, billboard advertising, posters, etc.

Creating a strong web of marketing tools means reaching new customers, keeping past customers well-informed and creating content that’s interesting and adapted to the situation. For example, customers know they can visit the website for more detailed information, but it could be the call to action of a postcard or update on a social media account that tempts them to click through!