Troubleshooting The Split AC Problem – What To Know About The Topic


Split Air Conditioner is just like any other electrical appliance, which breaks down after being used for a certain time duration. If you own a split AC and it has broken down after usage, then you may either go with the idea of following DIY procedures that are available in the troubleshooting guide websites or hire experts’ help, if the damage is more than what you can handle.

The important factor that you should understand is that the power supply will always be LIVE in the split AC. Instead of just jumping into the idea of touching the circuit board with your bare hand, it is first suggested to disconnect all the electrical lines that are connected to the unit. Knowledge about electrical circuits is mandatory, if you are willing to repair your split AC, and if you do not have any experience, then it is suggested to not undertake the self-repairing work.

Number of Parts in a Split AC

If you look at the manual of the split AC belonging to Lloyd, then you will notice that there are many parts in a split AC. Without knowledge about each part of the AC, you cannot proceed with the idea of repairing it yourself with the help of a DIY troubleshooting website.

  • Circuit Board with Main Control Print

The main board that you see inside a split AC unit will be divided into different units such as temperature sensor outputs and inputs for easily controlling the compressor unit, integrated circuit with microcomputer controller, outdoor and indoor fan speed controller and finally an air swing.

When the electrical supply passes towards the main circuit board, it will be converted from AC input to DC input voltage so as to power up the integrated circuits in the unit.

  • Infra-Red Receiver Board

The infrared receiver is the unit that actually receives the command from the remote controller. You will find this receiving unit located in the front region of the indoor unit, so as to make the remote and AC working relationship easier.

The commonly seen problems in split AC units that are manufactured under the brand name Mitashi or any other such brands is component burnt problem, issues related to fuse, thermistor crimping, tripping because of voltage fluctuation, loose connection of the sensor wire, noisy PCB unit, and so on.

Each problem related to split AC has a particular way of dealing with them. The experts will be trained to handle any issues related to the electrical appliances. Hence, it is suggested to take their help, if you are not sure about how to take care of the problem. There are many companies that offer excellent quality repair options for you. All you have to do is look and hire an authentic electrical appliance repair company.

If your split AC is out of order and cannot be repaired, then your best option is to buy a new one for your home. You can get help from the website CompareRaja. to compare prices for split ACs on different websites and find the best one for your budget.