Top 5 Tips To Ensure Quick Resolution Of Past Dues From Clients


There are many companies that have a hard time clearing delinquent accounts with their clients, and they do not know how they can solve these problems on their own. There are a few steps below that would be helpful to most people, and it would be wise for people to have a look at the way that they can resolve these problems when they are dealing with clients who simply are not paying off their accounts in the way that they should.

The Client Should Be Contacted More Than Once

You need to contact your clients multiple times before you decide to move on to other forms of clearing delinquent accounts. It makes much more sense for you to give them a chance to work something out with you, and you should give them up to 90 days to get in touch with you, The client might be a bit embarrassed, and the client should be allowed a chance to make it right. If they do not make things right at an appropriate time, then you need to work with them on avoiding collection directly.

Hire Someone

You can hire a company to help you with the collections because they might have a better way of getting the client to pay. The client that you send to collections can stay out of reporting, and you could give them some kind of deal to get them to pay anything. Give the collection agency a chance to make a deal with your clients to get them to pay something. This might be a problem for you if you are trying to get all your money back, but that is not always the case.

The Client Should Have A Full Bill

You need to write up a full bill for the client so that you can give them chances to learn about how much they are owed. The clients that you need to know why you expect them to pay, and you must be able to say that you already showed them how much they owe. Someone who has not received a full bill could say that you have fabricated some of these charges, and that will extend the collections process. It makes much more sense to send a full bill every time so that you have no trouble at all with the charges that are listed.

Move Quickly

You cannot wait too long after a client goes delinquent to do something about it. The majority of clients who have delinquent accounts might not even be aware that they have not paid because your business might not be high on their list of priorities. You need to put your ego aside long enough to reach out to these people and ask them if they realized that they were past due. You could solve many of these problems instantly, and you will be much more confident in the way that you have handled these accounts. Customers tend to stay with you because you are honest, and they do not feel as though you are trying to scam them or give them trouble.

Make Phone Calls

Phone calls are the best way to reach someone when you want to talk to them about their account. You can get people to pay on their accounts much more quickly if you have spoken to them on the phone, and you will find that they are happy to have a chat with you about their account because they have a captive audience. They might ask you questions about reducing their bill, and this is the time to get them to pay anything instead of taking nothing.

 Honourable Mention: Work With Your Bank

You could work with your bank on a collection process that might include their assistance. If the bank has loaned you money to do projects through your company, they might help you learn how to collect on the clients who are a part of the project. The bank will tell you what they would do in your situation, and they will be patient with you while you try to figure out how you will get all your money back.


There are many people who will want to use a debt collection agency the moment that their clients go past due, but it is smarter to work with your clients first, take advice from a debt collection agency, and do your best to give your clients the help that they need. You can close a lot of these accounts quickly, and you will avoid big losses because you can typically get your client to pay something instead of nothing. When this is the case, you should place phone calls to your customers, give them a deal, and give them enough customer care that they will want to come back.