The Perfect Promotion For Trade Show For You


Whether it is to develop your network, increase your visibility or win new contracts, the benefits of trade fairs and fairs are certainly not unknown to you. Enlisted in the calendar of many companies, from the largest groups to start-ups and SMEs, this is a great opportunity to increase its notoriety.

But how to attract the attention of visitors? 

In such a competitive world, bringing people to the booth can be a challenge. Indeed, your potential partners and future customers are simply wandering the aisle, which, it must be admitted, is not necessarily the best place to effectively present your products and services. Making a beautiful attractive and interesting stand is the starting point for the success of your event. Need inspiration? Here are 4 tips to create the perfect stand. You can choose the trade show booth there.

USP to attract

USP (unique selling propositions) also called key selling points are essential to get you in a moment of competing companies (which may be in neighboring areas). In general, it is important to highlight the unique features of your business and the benefits your products and services bring to your customers. So, you go to the basics and do not drown your commercial speech under insignificant details, which could lose the attention of your audience. Organize your communication before, during and after a trade show.

Send your invitations:

When exhibiting at a trade show, it is very common for you to receive invitations to pass on to your prospects and customers. It is important to send them on time so that they are present during your participation in this event. You can send these invitations by post or email. If the organizers of a trade show offer invitations to register online, do not hesitate to ask them for a visual or a banner and the link to the registration page to promote them on your website or on your next newsletter. Do not hesitate to talk about it on your social networks and finally plan a week or two before the show to make reminders.

Prepare press kits:

Journalists and the media are regularly present at trade shows. In order to be able to solicit them, it is important to prepare a press kit to give them or to deposit in the press space provided by the organizers.

Post your participation on the Internet:

Advertise on your website and on your newsletter that you will participate in a trade show.

Some show organizers recruit bloggers (officials, partners), do not hesitate to look on the website of the show to find their blogs and to solicit them so that they can highlight your know-how and announce your participation in the show.

Set up advertising campaigns:

To make your presence at a trade show profitable, you can reserve advertising space or articles in local newspapers where the trade show will take place. You can set up advertising campaigns with AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin to increase your visibility and announce your participation in a trade show.