Steps To Attention-Grabbing Store Displays


With so many businesses and stores advertising themselves vigorously, you have to stay creative just to keep up with the competition. If your store is on a busy street you need to take the advantage of the high numbers of people walking by. Make them notice you, make them stop and stare, make them talk about you and when people recognize your talent they will come in and do business with you. Don’t doubt yourself, anything is achievable if you have a great idea and put some effort into it.

Plus, you are not just doing this for your profit! This will also increase your own level of confidence so when your window gets customers in your store, your self-belief will close the sale in no time. Let’s go to work!


Make a statement! Use the space to create an exhibition of your liking, individuality is what counts. Don’t be too judgmental and hard on yourself, but do get a second opinion before you start. Try brainstorming with your employees and who’s got that hidden talent! Don’t copy anyone, and if you do decide to do so – make a noticeable reference! Make a reenactment of a sculpture and have Michelangelo’s David wearing branded clothes with both thumbs up if see you can. Use the space around the store to draw attention to your window, get a graffiti artist to do the paintwork if you don’t want to get messy. As a matter of fact, if you have the opportunity, hire a professional artist to do the job for you.


Minimalism really works when it comes to marketing. People tend to focus their attention when there is a big blank space where they expect a whole bunch of stuff, but you have to make an effective declaration with that little thing that you put in! If you just put up a sign or a small message that no one can relate to, you will just have people to give you a moment of their attention and as fast as that they will forget about you. If you have a product that you know everybody would want to have that is the best advertisement that you can get! For example, if you own a boutique, and you manage to get the latest model of some branded, pricy handbag, put it in a cleared window with a plain background and print out a little sign next to it, something like: “We don’t need more marketing than this.” If not, maybe a good idea would be to simply use one bright colour in a couple of different ways. That will seize customers’ interest for sure.


If you can make a passenger feel like he is already a part of your display that is the best advertising that you can get! Tell a story to the public, it can be a season or a holiday theme. Install a 3D projection by using the space around your store, and people will love it if you manage to pull this off. Communicate with your clients at the first glance, it doesn’t even have to be so complicated! You can make your business sign a part of the window scene and with a cool effect and a quality print your future customers will be amazed and tempted to step in! If you are really good with money, you can always go a step further when it comes to interactive store displays. But that’s a whole different story and there is no originality or any type of statement in that.

At the end, the only thing that actually matters really is how original you are. The ideas don’t just show up by themselves, so don’t be too afraid to invest some time and money in your business.