Why Become A Florist In London?


There are countless florists operating in London and its nearby towns. As the largest city the country, London has possibly the biggest demand for floristry services, be it for weddings, funerals, birthdays, anniversaries, or a variety of commercial requirements.

This makes London arguably the best place the become a florist – in fact, there are many reasons to become a florist in London!

There are various courses available

London has many great places to learn floristry – it may be the best place in the country to learn the practice!

There are various floristry college courses available throughout the city, some lasting for just a few weeks while others last many months. These cover a wide range of floristry-related topics, making it a great place to learn everything you need to become a florist.

There is a huge market

London is home to the nation’s biggest population, so it naturally has the biggest market for floristry as well, which means starting a florist business here has a high chance of success. Granted, there are many established businesses to compete with, but there is certainly no shortage of people looking for professionally arranged flowers.

With millions of people and countless businesses located throughout the city, there is always a high demand for a good florist in London, and anyone considering taking up the trade should certainly consider setting up shop in London.

You can learn from the best

As mentioned, London has many fantastic florist shops throughout the city, and any one of these could be the perfect place to learn how to become a florist.

For instance, many florists in London offer apprenticeships where you can learn everything you need to start your own business, while there are many volunteer opportunities as well. Of course, volunteering means not getting paid for the work, but you gain valuable work experience needed to become a florist.

Finding work won’t be difficult

Whether attending courses to get floristry qualifications or working under the tutelage of a professional florist, you’ll never struggle to find work as a florist in London. There are florists found throughout the city and the surrounding areas, so finding work should be easy once you get the necessary experience.

Your career can progress quickly

London is one of the best cities to progress a floristry career as there are so many different working opportunities in the area.

If you start as an assistant or volunteer, you won’t be working for too long before you become qualified to be a florist, while those taking courses will be ready to work as soon as the course finishes.

Those with the right passion and drive will not struggle to progress their careers in London, as there are many amazing stores offering good money for skilled florists.