Office Rental: Considerations For Small Businesses

Office Rental

If you are operating a small business from home, you may be considering office space rental. Of course, if the business is unlikely to expand in the future, it is probably cheaper to continue working from home, where there are fewer overheads. If, however, your business is growing and you are considering employing others, it might be time to look into other options such as office rental.

Serviced Offices

When you are investigating office rental, there are several factors to consider. You will need to determine what your requirements are. If your operation is small, you could consider a desk rental, where you will be provided with a space to work in a serviced office.

Serviced offices are provided with the necessary infrastructure and facilities ready in place so you can hit the ground running with your business. Facilities vary from office to office, but you will generally have access to a receptionist and office equipment such as a phone and internet system and furniture. Heating, electricity, insurance and rates should also be included.

Renting a conventional office means you will obtain the empty space and must take care of providing the equipment and furniture yourself. This type of set-up is more suitable for established businesses that already have an infrastructure in place. Conventional office space is generally priced per square foot.

Benefits of Office Rental

Moving into your own office space will ensure you are working in an environment that is focused on your work, away from the daily distractions of home. You will appear more professional to clients and business partners, and you will be able to arrange meetings in a formal setting

Working from home can be an isolating experience, while sharing office space will mean you get to see other faces and talk to people during the day. You may even discover networking opportunities that will help to bring in new business.

Serviced offices also offer flexibility. While conventional leases often last ten years or more, a serviced office means you are not tied down and can move on at any time. So if your circumstances change and you need to expand or downsize, giving your notice is a straightforward process.

With a variety of office space available, you can easily find something to meet your budget and business requirements. Whether you are looking to impress clients with a gleaming new office or require a meeting room City based in order to deliver a presentation, there are a number of options.

If you have spent time establishing your small business from home, it can be a relief to be moving into your own office space. Investing in office space is often the first step to making you and your business more successful and ready to expand, take on staff and increase profits.

It is important to use a reputable company when renting office space. Businesses should be clear on exactly what they want in terms of location and the services they require. Finding an office where the business can flourish is vital.