Starting Your Career As An Estate Agent In The UK

Estate Agent

If you want to become an estate agent in the UK, this article is for you. The path to becoming an estate agent is fairly simple- you will not need any specific degrees or licenses, unlike other countries. However, keeping yourself prepared and having the right skills would help you succeed in this career choice.


Even Though not mandatory, getting a degree in estate and property management will give you a strong foundation for your career. If you wish to work in an estate agency, the degree will keep you ahead of the other non-degree-holding candidates. Getting a degree also means you have received appropriate training to handle everything related to buying and selling a property. This would increase your employer’s reliability and you can earn more as compared to your colleagues.

You can choose to graduate with a specialization in real estate. There is also a Master’s degree program available. Also, if you have studied business administration, finance, or law, then that can help you with your estate agent career.


Ensure that you have good communication skills. A successful real estate agent Basildon works with great people skills, and they are comfortable in a customer-centric environment. Improve your listening skills, and try to understand what the other person conveys to you. Listening, understanding, and then giving the best resolution will help you succeed in this career.

Negotiation skills

One of the primary skills that every real estate agent should have mastery in is negotiation. They would have to do rigorous negotiations for most of their deals. Talking to the clients, understanding their budget, and negotiating with them is an essential aspect of the job role. Clients prefer agents who can do good negotiations for them and offer them a fair deal for their buying or selling property.

Previous experience

Before you start your real estate career, try working in a sales or general business profile. Working in sales would give you the required experience as you will need to sell properties as a real estate agents in Basildon. This will also ensure the potential employers that you are good at the job.

You can also associate yourself with construction or property management to get a fair knowledge of the industry; once done, you can easily shift to a real estate career.

Once you have done all these, create a strong CV and apply for jobs in the best real estate firms.