Reason Why Signage Are Important


From the moment we step out of our door, signs are all around us. They are telling us how to get to a certain place, where not to go, what specific services are available and offering other helpful advice.

It is hard to imagine a world without it, but is it really that important?

This piece is going to take a look at how signage contributes to the community and the importance that they have, so let’s get into it!

Signage Helps Promote Safety

One of the most important aspects of signage is that they can help point people in the right direction when they are in need. This could be to an emergency help point, or in a way that advises people to avoid a specific area.

Having clear signage means people are able to get the help they need faster than without it, which could help prevent a casualty!

Did you know, signs have strict guidelines to adhere to for safety? For example, road signs have to be “crash worthy”, which means they have to be 3 things.

  • They must give clear and fair warning if they require the driver to make an alternative course of action.
  • Signs must also be of a particular height and locations need to be considered carefully to accommodate this.
  • Signs need to have reflective ability at night so drivers are able to see them at all times. It cannot be so reflective as to blind drivers when headlights hit them, but enough so they can see the signs clearly.

Signage Helps Us Find Where We Are Going

One of the most important factors of signage is that it helps us to know where we are going and how to get there. One of the most common examples of this is road signage. Without it, things could get chaotic pretty fast and be extremely dangerous! A similar type of signage – floor signage helps not only keep everything organized but can also be used for fun too! Find out more about specialist road line marking here!

Signage Is Important For First Impressions

When we go to a shop or a business, one of the first things we might notice is the sign hanging above the door! We often make jusdgements based on how a place looks before we enter, and a sign can be a big part of that. Many businesses want to embody their aesthetic through their signs as it ties the whole look together, and if the sign is poorly made it can stick out like a sore thumb and bring the whole look down.


Signs are an important part of our everyday life. They help keep us safe, they help us to know where we are going which can be particularly important in areas we do not know, and they can help keep things organized. They are often the first thing we see for businesses and can make a lasting impression on us.