Online Events That Have Been A Success In 2021


Events organised online are helping people around the world to get connected by combining both the physical and digital world. This means they are a hybrid of an event made up of live people and those present on a virtual meet online. The concept, as it may sound, isn’t new altogether. However, in a couple of recent years, amid the pandemic situation, the trend has gained enormous success. Saying that we have listed out the names of some popular hybrid events that have seen tremendous success in 2021. Keep reading!

Impact 2021

Impact offers conferences and organizes online events for attendees to share knowledge relevant to artificial intelligence, digital process, performance engineering, etc. The event happened on 19th Jan 2021 and continued for 4 hours each day with precise and useful discussions with business leaders of reputed organizations from different European countries.

Pause Fest

Pause Fest is one of the famous digital online for business people and purposes started on 1st March 2021. It is an international festival that celebrates the diversity and inclusion of business leaders, creators, innovators, and solution providers.

The event enjoyed enormous success as approx. 76 sessions were conducted showcasing business content and will continue until 30th June 2021. The goal is to bring together and connect a global audience made up of smart generations active in different business, leadership, creation roles, and more.

Microsoft Ignite

Microsoft is a huge name and so does its annual event called Microsoft Ignite. This year, the event was launched digitally and surprisingly was a huge success. The idea was to allow workers and different people around the world amid the pandemic to connect online to explore and learn new tools, and cloud-based technologies. The platform allowed organizations, entrepreneurs, and companies to meet influential leaders and discuss possibilities for building networks.


SXSW event was performed online on 16th March 2021 showcasing multiple events ranging from festivals, workshops, and conferences, to exhibitions, seminars, etc. With the help of a virtual platform this time it is offering a broad digital experience for a global audience and saw maximum participation and registration successfully.

Adobe Summit 

It was held on 13 April 2021 for digital market professionals to share their in-depth knowledge and insights in the relevant field. The digital event surpassed online hosting challenges and was excellently driven.


As one of the influential events happening digitally, RightsCon acted and discussed critical issues related to the junction of technology and human rights by sharing the platform with technologists, advisors, counsellors, advocates, academics, journalists, government representatives, etc. from different areas. The online conference was immensely applauded.

Different Kinds And Ideas of Virtual Events 

As mentioned before, online events are opening endless possibilities and giving way to new opportunities for people around the world to engage in a common platform. Therefore, such virtual events are not only limited to those discussing business and technologies but have become more common than one can imagine. Here are a few spheres and occasions where digital events are gaining more fame than ever:

  • Education
  • Festivals
  • Celebrations
  • Awards ceremony
  • Promotions
  • Parties
  • Expos
  • Concerts

And much more.

Not only are virtual events more expedient but are also unrestricted in terms of creativity. The movement started with big giants of different industries exploring and sharing work. Today, hybrid events are becoming more common, easier, and more suitable for a common man to host and organize family meets online.