Why Making A Checklist Before Hiring The Movers Is A Great Idea


Without a doubt, one of the most vitaloffice moving tips is to makeout an easily accessible checklist. And even if your memory is superb, you may just forget something important, so make the list. An office movecan definitely be a somewhat complicated affair, so do yourself a favour and start with the checklist as you move along.

Plenty of Labels

Write out one list of things that have tobe done, like consulting with well-establishedoffice removalists, and confirm costs and forwarding of allitems. On another page, make a note of your boxes and the contents. Label each box with a letter or a number and write downwhat’s inside of each box next to its label and make things as clear as can be. This small task makes unpacking so much simpler.


When moving office, don’t forget to have lots of boxes available. It’s better to have more than you think you might need, and if they don’t get used, you can always hand them back, reuse them or pass them on to others. Ask expert office removalists in Melbourne for more advice.

Breakable means Breakable

Have plenty of tape, paper and/or bubble wrap around and keep any fragile items in one piece. You will maybediscover that more tape, paper and wrap will be needed than you think, so grab a little extra.

Keeping Things Clean

A lot of people just plain forget about the cleaning side of things when moving office. A very useful moving tip is to have available a good cleaning kit, as there’s the possibility that you’ll have to clean the office you are moving from and even the one you’re moving to. Make use of the normal cleaning items, such as liquids, sponges, cloths, and rubber gloves that you normally clean things up with.

Important Keys

Moving advice would not be fully complete minusanymentionof the storage of important keys. Try putting all keys, the old and the new, on different key rings. Don’t just place them in envelopes, boxes or pockets, as it’s too easy for them to go walkabout! Only remove keys when it’s time to hand them over to other people, or put them somewhere safe in the new office.

Documents and Hard Drives

Put all of your essential documentation and hard drives in a secure and waterproof container, and make sure that they stay near you. Things such as important documents and drives, security cards, leases, insurance, bank records, and phone numbers should be safely placed inside. Remember to move such vitalitems in a separate vehicle, because if they happen to go missing, it’s going to take forever and a day to replace all of them.

And that’s it, not that hard really, is it? Here’s hopingthe above helps you out, and may your new office and move go just like you planned it would! All the best!