Innumerable Benefits Of Interactive SMS Service

SMS Service

Interactive SMS service is among the best methods to communicate with your customers. You can use this medium to pass across important messages to the customers about orders, changes in policies and other important stuff. If you want the customers to participate in a survey, for example, you can equally use this medium to invite the customers.

SMS can reach the intended receivers fast, and the customer can access the message faster than some other means of communication, like emails. The SMS is delivered directly to the mobile device of the customer for instant receipt.

You may fail to reach customers via calls if their phones are switched off. The phone will also never make a record of your missed call if it was switched off when you were making the call. The reverse is the case if you opt for interactive SMS; the SMS will always be delivered to the phone once it is switched on even if it was sent when the phone was off. This is one of the several advantages of SMS over phone calls and several other means of communicating with current and potential clients.

You can increase your engagement rate with your customers via interactive SMS. It is among the cheapest means of advertising and it is far from being complicated.  As a result, it can be managed easily even by a newbie in marketing. You can easily create contests, surveys, and polls using interactive SMS.

Additional benefits  

The following are the other benefits of an interactive SMS service

  •    If you need to get a popular opinion from your customers or members of the public, you can run a survey or poll using an interactive SMS service
  •    You can use it to get valuable feedback from your customers and the general public about the services and business you offer.
  •    You can use it to understand the needs of customers by inviting them to vote between different options.    
  •    Interactive SMS can equally be used as a leads generation engine
  •    You can use it to run an interactive and fun contest in which your customers can participate on the phone.

Voting, feedback generation, surveys, and contests are sure ways to get the attention of the customers and keep them faithful to your brand. These modes of interaction with the customer can equally win the hearts of the general public and shore up the image of your brand.  


The above are the benefits you can enjoy from a company offering interactive SMS service. However, you must find out if the company can offer secure access and has global reach. Also, find out if the platform is easy to use before partnering with them.  Finally, find out if the service providers offer a money-back guarantee before you partner with them.